Z Grill HEr Error Code: Explained and Fixed!

Z Grill HEr Error Code
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It can be frustrating when you are enjoying the barbeque party and cooking the perfect brisket.

Then suddenly, there’s HEr error code that pops up on your Z Pellet Grill.

You might wonder what went wrong with my grill?

Well, here we will get to know about the Z grill HEr error code in detail.

This article will provide some helpful insight on Z grill HEr error code means and how you can fix them.

So, what is the HEr error code on the z grill?

The HEr error code occurs on your Z grill if the temperature sensor inside the grill reads the temperature higher than 550.

This error is usually displayed on the control panel after the grill is run on “High” for a longer period of time with the grill lid open. 

Let’s dive into this error code meaning in detail and get to know how to fix them.

What Does Mean HEr Error Code on Z Grill?

The HEr error code occurs on your Z grill if the temperature sensor inside the grill reads higher than 550℉.

It simply means the temperature of your grill reaches above 550℉.

The HEr code is usually displayed on the control panel after the grill is run on “High” for a longer period of time with the lid open.

When the lid of the grill is open the temperature inside the grill falls down.

Thus, the control panel starts sending lots of wood pellets into the fire pot to maintain the set temperature.

When you finally close the lid the fire pot is getting full of pellets and the temperature inside the grill rises significantly.

This error indicates there is an excessively large fire in the fire-pot.

The grill will automatically shut down when a HEr error occurs.

So, if you see the HEr error on your Z grill it means the grill gets too hot and turned itself off as a safety precaution.

How to Fix HEr Error Code on Z Grill?

You can solve the HEr error on your grill by following various solutions:

Solution 1: When HEr Occurs During high temperature operation

You may encounter the HEr error when running the grill at a high temperature setting with the lid open too much.

In this case, leaving the lid open for longer on a high temperature setting will result in lots of pellets being fed into the fire-pot.

Once the lid is closed the temperature can shoot to a very high level causing HEr error.

You can solve this error easily.

You need to follow the below steps to start cooking on your grill again after a high temperature HEr:

1.Open the lid of your grill.

2. Turn off your grill. Then turn back ON.

Set the temperature dial on the SMOKE setting.

3. Wait for some time so that the grill to comes back to full flame.

4. Now set the temperature dial on the desired temperature.

5. Shut the gill lid and monitor the operation.

Solution 2: When HEr Occurs randomly

Sometimes you notice the control panel shows the HEr error randomly.

When it occurs randomly, it means there is some issue with the temperature sensor inside the grill or its wired connection.

In such a case, you have to follow the below steps to check the temperature sensor probe connection.

You need to use a screwdriver to slightly lift the cable out from between the hopper and grill.

Check to ensure the plug is tight (If you have Z grill 7002B, 700E, and 700E-XL models)

1.Turn off the grill and disconnect your grill from electric power.

2. Get a screwdriver. Pull out the two screws that hold the controller into its place by using a screwdriver.

3. Gently pull out the controller board.

There are two skinny wires on the controller.

You have to locate those wires to check the plug connection.

They are secured with a small green or blue terminal block.

4. Make sure they are in their right place and the connection is tight or well fitted.

Solution 3: Clean the fire pot

You can also solve HEr error by following way:

1.Turn the temperature dial to “Shut Down Cycle” on the control panel.

2. Allow the leftover wood pellets to finish burning as the fan blows for the next ten minutes.

3. Once the shut down cycle is complete, Power Off the grill.

4. Take out the cooking grates and grease tray located inside the grill. Clean the fire pot of any unburned pellets and ashes.

A large amount of ash build up can lead to shooting the high temperature on your grill.

5. Then Restart the grill as you do normally.

Keep in mind, during the shut down cycle, the fan is still running. So don’t turn off the switch during Shut Down Cycle.

The grill will shut off automatically once the shut down cycle is completed.

Any interruption in the shut down cycle may lead to a fire in the hopper chamber.

Solution 4: Move the grill in well sheltered area

High temperature error on a grill can also occur in hot weather if the grill placed is in the direct sun.

For this, open the Lid and move the grill into the shade to minimize the temperature.

So, you have to always place the grill in a well sheltered area where there is no interference from outside environmental factors.

Solution 5: Grill Temperature Sensor Probe Replacement

If the aforementioned solutions don’t work for you to solve the HEr problem, you can solve this by replacing Temperature Sensor Probe.

You can replace the temperature sensor probe quite easily by following step by step process.

Things required:

Grill Temperature Sensor

Phillips head screwdriver


Unplug the power cord

The first important step is unplugging the power cord.

You have to always unplug the power to the grill before doing any maintenance or cleaning process.

Take everything out

For replacing the temperature probe, you need clear access.

For this, you have to remove the grill racks and grease tray to get access to the grill temperature sensor.

Unplug the temperature sensor cable

There is a temperature sensor cable that is tucked down between the hopper and grill drum.

You need to pull out that temperature sensor cable.

Then press on the little lever and unplug the connector.

Remove the screws of the temperature probe

Now locate the two screws of a temperature probe.

You can find them at the base of the temperature sensor.

Some grills have a nut underneath the probe.

For removing those screws fully, you need to hold them with your fingers or a pair of pliers.

Pull out the cable

You can see there is a cable that is passed through a small hole in the side of the drum.

Once you pull out the cable through the plug end, it will get stuck.

So, you need to slightly rotate the plug end to pull through the hole.

Install a new temperature sensor

Get a new temperature sensor probe.

You Have to reverse the procedure to install the new temperature sensor.

While installing the sensor keep in mind there should be enough clearance from the side of the drum.

For this, you have to orientate the sensor the correct way.

Plug the cables back again together.

You have to bundle up them neatly and tuck them down between the hopper and grill drum.

Final Thoughts

Fixing the errors on your grill may be challenging if you lack a comprehensive knowledge of technology and the working of the grill.

After going through this article, you’ll be able to solve the Z grill HEr error code easily and get your grill working properly again.

To avoid many of the errors on your grill, you need to use high-quality pellets, keep your grill clean always and carry out regular maintenance.

Placing the grill in a well-sheltered area prevents environmental interference and helps to grill work precisely.


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