Can You Use Any Pellets in The Rec Tec Pellet Grill?: The Battle Of Pellets!

Can You Use Any Pellets in The Rec Tec Grill
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Rec Tec Pellet Grills provide a sublime cooking experience.

The grill is robust and comes with heavy-duty components.

Pellet grills are costlier, but everything seems to taste better.

If you’re using this for cooking your meat, you need to be mindful of the pellets.

Rec Tec has its premium wood pellets for this very reason.

It’s said to be the “Ultimate Blend” for pellet grills, and you’ll soon understand why.

However, can you use any pellets in Rec Tec grills?

Are there no alternatives?

Yes, you can use other brand’s pellets in your Rec Ter grill.

Rec Tec grills and smokers can accommodate a variety of pellets.

Of course, Rec Tec’s blend is the best pick.

However you can use other pellets in Rec Tec grill for efficient cooking.

Stay tuned. You’ll learn all the nuances about pellets in this article!

What Kind of Pellets Can You Use in a Rec Tec Grill?

A wood pellet grill allows you to grill and smokes your meat simultaneously.

Using a grill to cook your meat is a tricky process.

There are numerous things to consider, the pellets being one of them.

However, can you use any pellets in Rec-Tec grills? What about charcoal?

It’s best to use wood pellets with Rec Tec Grills.

Charcoal pellets leave behind black lumps on your food. Moreover, it’s expensive.

With wood pellets, you get the flexibility of making your blend.

Wood pellets also burn evenly and produce minimal ash.

That’s enough reason for you to switch to wood pellets rather than charcoal.

If you’re using a charcoal grill, it’s best to use a combination of both for maximum flavor.

The mix of charcoal and wood creates a strong woody yet smoky flavor.

Try using a mix of wood pellets to experiment with the flavor.

In fact, you can try making your blend of pellets to bring out your desired taste.

Rec Tec produces its blend of premium hardwood pellets.

Of course, that’s recommended for use.

Since Rec Tec only produces a single type of pellets, you can consider some other brands in the market.

Are Rec Tec Pellets Good?

Rec Tec produces a wide range of premium and robust pellet grills and smokers.

Rec Tec offers its blend of hardwood pellets called the Ultimate Blend.

These pellets are a mixture of red oak, white oak, and hickory.

A smokey flavor is infused into your proteins every time you use it.

So, if you need to crank up the heat, you know what to get.

The pelleting process transforms the wood into a dense form.

This density allows the pellets to store so much energy.

Their compact size is pretty nifty too.

You can store large quantities of pellets in a smaller area.

Their uniformity has other benefits too.

Rec Tec grills automatically feed pellets into the fire.

Their shape ensures the entire cooking process is executed seamlessly.

Moreover, you can easily use the Ultimate Blend in other grills too.

Rec Tec Brand Pellets vs. Others Pellets

The Ultimate Blend offers the best pellets for Rec Tec’s grills.

The bundle comes with a 40-pound bag of premium hardwood pellets.

Moreover, the combination of woods provides the perfect balance of heat and flavor.

These pellets are great for smoking pork meat, briskets, chicken, and vegetables.

Now, you might ask, can you use only Rec Tec pellets in my Rec Tec grill?

What about the other brands?

Let’s quickly compare Rec Tec pellets with popular contenders.

Rec Tec’s Ultimate Blend

  • It comes with a 40-pound bag of premium hardwood pellets.
  • The pellets blend red oak, white oak, and hickory.
  • They are made of 100% natural hardwood smoking pellets.
  • There are no additives or fillers.
  • It adds a distinct smoky flavor to your proteins and vegetables.
  • All the pellets have a consistent shape.

A-MAZE-N’s BBQ Smoker Pellets

  • These A-MAZE-N’s BBQ Smoker Pellets are 100% natural.
  • They contain no fillers, binders, or artificial flavorings.
  • The pellets have a subtle apple flavor.
  • You can store it in a cool, dry area.
  • It adds a slightly fruity flavor to your meat and cheese.

Camp Chef’s Hardwood Pellets

  • They come at an affordable price point.
  • There are a variety of pellets, including Alder, Hickory, Appel, Cherry, and Oak.
  • There is always an oak or alder base.
  • Their premium pellets have a mix of charcoal pellets.
  • There’s an increased level of smokiness with these pellets.

How do you know which blend is the right fit for your Rec Tec?

Should you go for single-species pellets? Or blended ones?

There’s nothing wrong with hardwood blended flavors.

However, it’s best to stick to single ones if you want intense flavors.

Mind you, blended pellets are generally cheaper.

Best Pellets for Rec Tec

You asked whether you can use any pellets in Rec Tec.

Yes, you should. Nothing beats pellets for grills and smokers.

Otherwise, you won’t get to cook your proteins, vegetables, and cheeses properly.

So, let’s take a look at the best pellets for your Rec Tec grill or smoker in the market.

A-MAZE-N Smoking Pellets

A-MAZE-N smoking pellets come in a variety of hardwood species.

You can opt to get the 2 lb. boxes or 5 lb. bags.

The pellets are priced at affordable range per bag.

You’ll find oak, mesquite, maple, and even cherry pellets.

Some mixtures even come with Italian or pepper spices!

So, if you want to add some flavor to your meals, this is the way to go.

Bear Mountain’s BBQ Pellets

Bear Mountain BBQ has been producing a variety of hardwood pellets since 1990.

The company sources its hardwood sustainably within the United States.

Bear Mountain BBQ offers a wide range of hardwood blends.

However, you should remember that only two of their pellets are 100% single-species products.

The rest are a blend of many.

Camp Chef’s Hardwood Pellets

Camp Chef is a frontrunner in the pellet grill industry.

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they’ve invested in pellets too.

They have a selection of hardwood species, including Alder, Hickory, Appel, Cherry, and Oak.

However, these pellets are said to be a “proprietary blend.”

This means all the pellets will have an oak or alder base.

Camp Chef tinkered with pellets, though.

Remember how you asked whether you can use any pellets in Rec Tec grills?

Well, Camp Chef decided to take things up a notch.

Their Camp Chef premium pellets are a mix of hardwood and charcoal pellets.

These pellets offer a strong smokey flavor compared to other hardwood pellets.

CookingPellets’ Hardwood Pellets

CookingPellets brand has been producing 100% single hardwood pellets since 2006.

But, unfortunately, their solid smokey pellets do not have any mixture of woods.

That’s why you need to pay a premium amount for these.

You can find two blends of flavor, though.

It’s called the Perfect Mix and Longhorn Blend.

The first contains Hickory, Cherry, Maple, and Apple pellets.

The second has Mesquite, Cherry, and Maple.

These pellets are one of a kind.

No other brand offers a mix of apple and maple wood.

It’s better to use these for smoking than grilling, though.

Kingsford’s Grill Pellets

If you’re wondering whether or not you can use any brand’s pellets in Rec Tec, Kingsford pellets got your back.

Kingsford has been producing charcoal BBQ fuel since 1920.

The company now produces BBQ wood pellets.

In addition, there is a wide range of 100% single wood pellets and hardwood blended pellets.

These pellets offer great value for the price.

The single wood species pellets include Hickory, Cherrywood, and Maple.

Their classic blend is a mixture of Hickory, Oak, and Cherrywood.

Their signature blend includes Oak, Cherry, and Mesquite.

Pit Boss’ Hardwood Pellets

The Pit Boss Pro Series and Platinum Series are extremely popular amongst veterans.

The company offers budget-friendly pellet grills and smokers.

So, of course, they tapped into pellets too.

Pit Boss pellets now sell hardwood blended pellets.

What makes it so good is the price

These pellets are some of the cheapest in the market, but they don’t compromise quality.

Their best value blended hardwood pellets can be found under $10.

Mind you, these pellets won’t produce an intense smoky flavor.

However, they get the job done.

Traeger’s Hardwood Pellets

Traeger pellets have faced severe scrutiny in the last few years.

The company offers cheap blended hardwood pellets that efficiently work with your Rec Tec grill.

Remember how you’ve been stressing over the question, “Can you use any pellets in RecTec? Pay attention now.

If you’re using a smoker, these pellets aren’t recommended.

Their pellets are almost mixed with alder or oak, and they don’t offer an intense smoky flavor.

Their blended hardwood pellets include Apple, Cherry, Hickory, Mesquite, and even Pecan!

Their Signature mix includes Hickory, Cherry, and Maple.

Final Thoughts

By now, you should know the answer to the question, “Can you use any pellets in Rec Tec?”

Rec Tec grills and smokers can accommodate a variety of pellets.

Of course, Rec Tec’s blend is the best pick.

However, any of the seven brands will do too.

Regardless of the brand you pick, you need to protect your pellets.

There’s no point using these if you’re going to let them waste away.

Keep them away from dust, grime, and especially moisture!

If you’ve opened a bag, make sure it’s stored in a dry place.




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