What Is Rec Tec 700 Extreme Smoke Setting? :The Right Way To Use It!

Rec Tec 700 Extreme Smoke setting
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You recently got your new Rec Tec 700 grill and are ready to throw some pork butts on the grill for smoking.

But, one look at the temperature control, and your first thought is “what is the Rec Tec Extreme Smoke Setting? how do I use it? and does it really produce more smoke?

Then here we will explain to you in detail about extreme smoke setting on your Rec Tec.

Let’s dive into it.

Rec Tec 700 Pellet Grill Overview

We found Rec Tec 700 is one of the best quality pellet grills by Rec Tec as it has mostly 5-star ratings. Rec Tec 700 often called a bull.

It has the most positive remarks about the construction or built quality and quite an easy assembly and the most importantly amazing customer service.

Rec Tec 700 comes up with the most impressive features like stainless steel cooking chamber, 40 Lbs Hopper for long cooks, PID controller, 702 square inches cooking space, Extreme Smoke, etc.


What Is Rec Tec 700 Extreme Smoke Setting?

One of the new features of the Rec Tec 700 is the Rec Tec Extreme smoke.

If you are new to Rec Tec and afraid of the firebox will empty while turning on the Extreme smoke setting.

For this reason, if you are not ready to leave your pellet grill unattended for more than 5 or 10 minutes.

Then let me explain to you, you don’t need to babysit while grilling even on an extreme smoke setting.

You can leave the Rec Tec 700 extreme smoke feature on for as long as you want.

The Extreme smoke function is activated by oscillating (tuning of/on) of the fan.

This setting allows you the option to smoke at low temperatures of 180 – 250 Fahrenheit.

When you smoke meat or any food on the grill, most of the smoke flavor is absorbed during the first 30-60 minutes of the whole process.

After that, the bark begins to form. The smoke does not penetrate the food that much once that occurs.

So, you can leave the Extreme Smoke button turn on indefinitely.

It means you can leave the Extreme Smoke button engaged during the whole smoking process while cooking any meat like brisket or a Boston butt without any worries.

This Extreme smoke setting is not low enough for cold smoking but it is a nice feature for getting more smoke from low and slow cooking.

By selecting the Xtreme Smoke mode on Rec Tec, the fan cycle will on and off at various times.

It allows the pellets to smolder more and it creates more and more smoke.

The colder ambient temperatures and higher grill temperatures will need more air that helps to maintain the selected temperatures.

While lower settings applied in hot days will result in more “off” time for the fan and it creates most smoke.

When you try out this Extreme Smoke setting, you can see almost an instantaneous difference in smoke output.

Extreme Smoke Setting will help as it allows the pellets to smolder between fan cycles.

With the Rec Tec 700, the LO setting feeds the pellets at the lowest rate without maintaining a temp so you’ll likely get the most smoke at that setting.
In a nutshell, you can see a noticeable change in the amount of smoke the system put out.

It turns off the blower occasionally and instead of feeding more pellets at the end, you’ll get a denser smoke.

You can use the Extreme Smoke setting on almost all of my low & slow smoking. It can only be used at/below 250 degrees.

You should keep in mind that the Extreme Smoke setting only works at relatively low temps, so you don’t expect to sear a steak at 500 degrees and get abundant amounts of smoke.

How to Use Extreme Smoke on Rec Tec 700?

If you are new to Rec Tec 700 and you don’t know how to use the Extreme Smoke setting on your Rec Tec, then we will explain here.

There is a temperature control knob on your Rec Tec control panel.

You have to turn the knob to select the computer-maintained temperature in 5-degree increments.

It ranges between 200 degrees F to 500 degrees F.

You can see their additional temperature setting i.e. LO and FUL.

The FUL setting gives you the highest temperature possible.

LO will display as actual temperature when you turned the knob counter clockwise beyond 200-degree F. In this way Extreme Smoke will be get activated.

So, in short, on your Rec Tec- turn knob you need to dial all the way down and it should say “Xtreme Smoke”

Once Xtreme Smoke is activated the grill will feed the pellets to the fire at a minimum rate.

The lowest rate possible works to maintain a reliable fire.

In this way, Rec Tec will produce the maximum smoke and achieve the lowest temperature possible given environmental conditions.

How Do I Get More Smoke From Rec Tec?

People have different preferences for smoke flavor. Some folks like the heavier smokey flavor than others.

If you find that your Rec Tec is not producing that much smoke that you want there are a couple of ways to get more smoke other than the Extreme Smoke setting.

Pellet brand can change the game

If you are not getting heavy smoke during smoking your food, you can try out to change the pellet and use Rec Tec brand pellets if you are not using them.

Rec Tec Grills Ultimate Blend Pellets are the best smoking pellets available by Rec Tec.

Undoubtedly, they are the best smoking pellets you’ll ever use.

They are made up of Oak and Hickory woods that give you smoky, intense flavor to your food.

It gives a stronger flavor to the food compared to other pellets.

Actually, you can smell the smoke on the meat after it is cooked, never could with the other pellets.

Most of the folks may not prefer the combination of Oak and Hickory as Oak is known infamously as a filler wood.

But Rec Tec Blended these two types of wood for producing amazing results for smoking.

You can also opt for mesquite pellets if you like that heavy smoke flavor.

Can You Use Any Pellets in Rec Tec?

Use Smoker Tube

A smoker tube is an inexpensive accessory that can you use for getting an abundant amount of smoke.

Smoker tubes are several variations of these tube-like devices that hold wood pellets and add substantial amounts of smoke to your grill.

The pellet smoker tubes have diffusion holes on their body that allows air to come in, diffusing smoke efficiently and it also helps to evenly cook your food.

The Smoker tube allows the pellets to stay lit and to fully burn that offers constant smoke.

These tubes can hold adequate pellets to smoke up for to 5 hrs.

Perhaps you will get more smoke with a smoke tube than with the extreme smoke setting.

So if you want a real heavy smoke flavor then use the smoke tube on your Rec Tec 700.

Wood on the deflector

If you don’t want to limit yourself to pellets to getting more smoke, then you should use wood on the deflector.

You just need to put a couple of chunks on the deflector, under the drip pan.

You will find an easy way to add more smoke by adding more wood on your Rec Tec grill.

Put a couple of chunks on the deflector, under the drip pan.

So that you will not limit yourself to pellets for smoke.



Frequently Asked Questions

Do all new Rec Tec grills come with the Xtreme smoke function?

Yes, as per Rec Tec, all new Rec Tec grills come up with the Xtreme smoke function.

Is Rec Tec fan motor durable enough to handle the Extreme Smoke setting?

When you apply Extreme smoke setting on your Rec Tec, on/off cycles seem to be pretty quick like just a few seconds on, then a few seconds off.

But, yes, Rec Tec fan motor is sturdy, long lasting enough, and much bullet proof can handle efficiently Extreme smoke setting.


Final Thoughts

So, now you know how the Extreme Smoke setting works and how to use the Extreme smoke setting on your Rec Tec 700 for best results.

With pellet smokers, the higher the temp the less smoke is produced. On a contrary, the lower the temp the more smoke is produced.

The REC TEC  PID WiFi controller is known as one of the most accurate.

Your meat recipe is not only beautiful with an amazing smoke ring but also tender and smoky, so much tasty.

If you want more smoke from your Rec Tec than an Extreme Smoke setting, you may change the pellets.

You can simply try some wood on the deflector. If you want a high smoky flavor you can use a smoker tube also.

Happy Smoking!!!







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