Rec Tec Pellet Grill Problems, Error Codes and Troubleshooting

Rec tec error codes and troubleshooting
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When it comes to a pellet grill, most of you face the issue of precise temperature control.

That’s why Rec Tec provides the highest quality grill in terms of temperature control.

For better temperature control they come up with Smart grill technology.

It is also popular for its high-grade stainless-steel constriction.

There is no doubt, why Rec Tec grill users’ reviews show a lot of positive things and a five-star rating.

You did all the research and bought a Rec Tec grill.  I know you’ve been loving it.

Then, one day, a weird message popped on the display of Rec Tec.

If Rec Tec has an issue, they have a feature that shows us exactly what is wrong with error reporting.

Here we’ll explain what’s happening, why these error code shows, how to troubleshoot the issue and how to avoid these same problems in the future.

Rec Tec Error codes

Rec Tec “ER-1”

If Rec Tec displays the “ER-1” code, it means the grill has overheated.

It is genuine to show up ER-1 code on your Rec Tec if your grill has grease fire and you did not change the foil.

When you ignited up the grill, it reaches 650 degrees.

But what if you haven’t ignited a grill and the grill temperature reaches 650 degrees.

The ER-1 code shows up due to few things.

1.ER-1 code may show for the first time igniting your Rec Tec grill. If you are starting up your grill the first time.

When you plugged in your temperature probe on the back of the board on the grill.

You probably plugged in in the wrong tab. The grill shows ER-1 code and won’t run.

So, make sure both the RTD wires are connected to “RTD A” tabs.

2. If you are not starting up your grill the first time and you are using your grill for a while.

Still, the grill shows ER-1 code, and the grill is not overheated. It happens probably due to broken wires.

So, you need to inspect the wires.  Check the wires coming from the temperature probe to the grill.

Make sure they are not breaking anywhere.

If there is no any damage, you probably need a new temperature probe for your Rec Tec.

Get To Know Here How To Clean Rec Tec RTD Probe?

Rec Tec “ER-2”

The Rec Tec ER-2 error code means failure to light or your grill is below 175 degrees for longer than 20 minutes.

1.For solving this issue, you need to take out everything from your grill. Turn the grill power on again by hitting the power button.

Check the firepot if the pellets are feeding properly.

If they are not feeding, you need to inspect the hopper and check whether there is any kind of obstruction that causes stopping the wood pellets from feeding.

2. The other reason for ER 2 code would be the igniter rod is fail.

If you notice the pellets are feeding and they are overflowing. It happens because they are not burning due to the igniter is failed and not working.

3. The ER -2 code shows due to the blower fan problem too.

It means the blower fan is not running.

You are always hearing the fan sound all the time. It is very easy to check the blower fan.

It is located underneath the grill and towards the back.

These three things are essential to create the fire. Igniter rod lights it, Augur motor feeds it and blower fan produce the combustion to get heat.

So, you need to check these three things. If these things are failed error 2 occurs.

Check the pellet hopper to make sure it is not empty. Also, check that if the pellets are delivered to the firepot.

Sometimes ER-2 shows if you don’t clean fire pot and there is too much as build up.

So, make sure the fire pot is cleaned out and there is no ash in the fire pot.

Rec Tec “ER-3”

The ER-3 shows up on your Rec Tec, which means there is a power failure during the operation of the grill.

There are also other reasons that causes ER-3.

The bad extension cord you are plugged in or bad outlet also causes the ER-3 code.

For fixing this ER-3 code check the power source if it is working or not.

Make sure the grill is plugged in precisely.

If there is a problem with the extension cord or outlet, buy a new extension cord and outlet.


Rec Tec Troubleshooting

Rec Tec won’t turn on

If your Rec tec Pellet grill is not turning on, it happens due to two main causes.

If the grill is not getting enough power supply.

Make sure the outlet is working properly.  Check the GFCI outlet where you plugged in the grill is working and the outlet is not tripped.

Sometimes it also happens when the grill light works and the fuse of a circuit board are blown. This also may be the reason your grill is not turning on.

For fixing this issue, you need to replace the fuse manually. If you are not that much techno-savvy, contact customer care of Rec Tec.

So, if your Rec Tec grill is not starting up, check these two things and fix them accordingly.


Rec Tec smoking excessively

When you begin smoking in your pellet grill, it is normal for smoke to be thicker.

As the grill reaches its set smoking temperature, the smoke will become thin.

You have to allow some time to your grill to thin out the smoke.

The most common reason for excess smoke on your grill is pellet quality.

If the pellets are wet and moist it may lead emitting the smoke excessively.

First, check the pellets and make sure they are not wet or moist.

If you are not changing the pellets regularly or you leaving the pellets in your pellet grill hopper, it deteriorates the pellets. So, it gets moist and doesn’t burn as it should.

Keep these little things in mind while using your Rec Tec.

Another reason would be excessive ash in the burn pot.

The excessive ash may lead to heavy and thicker smoke.

It is essential to check the burn pot and clear the ash pot as and when required.

It also affects the temperature of the grill and not reaching up to the desired temperature.


Grill won’t heat up or stay at a precise temperature

If the Rec Tec is not heating up or won’t stay at the right set temperature, it happens due to several reasons.

It may happen due to insufficient fuel supply. As you know, the pellet grill is working on the fuel that is the pellet. So, you need to check whether there are sufficient pellets in the hopper.

Another reason for the grill not able to heat up is insufficient air flow inside the grill.

For getting enough heat, you need to check the burn pot.

Check if there is no excessive ash accumulation in the fire pot. If there is excess ash in the fire pot it creates obstruction in air flow and the grill won’t heat up or stays at its right temperature.

If there is excess ash in the fire pot clear it immediately.



Final Thoughts

Like other grills, the Rec tec grill also has some limitations like grill not turning on, not staying at the right temperature, grill not igniting, etc.

But don’t be afraid of these!

Now you can solve the errors and troubleshooting with the above-mentioned solutions.

If you are not able to solve the error, you can also contact the Rec Tec customer support.


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