Why is My Rec Tec Auger Not Turning? Here’s The Fix!

Rec Tec Auger not turning
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Rec Tec is one of the best pellet grills with heavy gauge stainless steel construction that build to last.

Rec Tec is not the new player to the pellet grilling game as it has been producing the pellet grills since 2008.

But I like their latest line of products which are some of their most impressive.

As it’s just a machine, you may encounter some issues with your Rec Tec grill like the Rec Tec auger not turning.

If your Rec Tec auger not turning, it means you have to replace your whole pellet smoker?

Not really!

The Rec Tec auger does not turn because of dead auger motor, auger jam issue or sheared shear pin, etc.

There are myriad reasons for the Rec Tec auger not turning or it gets jam. But the good news there are various solutions to fix this issue.

Let’s dive into it.

What Causes A Rec Tec Pellet Grill Auger Not Turning?

Dead auger motor

In some cases, the auger motor is itself is faulty, so that auger won’t turn. Due to the dead auger motor, the auger won’t work at all.

If the auger motor does not come off at all, it means the auger motor is dead and you need to replace it soon.

So, you need to replace the whole auger motor assembly.

Sheared shear pin

If you accidentally sheared the shear pin causes the auger not to work properly.

If the shear pin sheared, the auger won’t turn but the auger motor turns itself.

In some cases, due to the shear bolt is missing, the auger will turn but the unable to turn the auger shaft and you’ll end up with no pellets feeding in the firepot.

Jammed auger

The auger may get clog due to some reasons.

a.Foreign objects in the auger shaft

There are foreign objects in the auger leads to auger may get jam. The foreign object may go into the hopper when you fill the pellets into the hopper.

The foreign objects go into the auger through the pellet hopper. This foreign object when goes into the auger and the auger tube it clogs the auger.

The contamination from a hard foreign object causes the auger to get jam.

Sometimes, the small screw or nail gets into the pellet hopper and it goes into the auger.

The foreign objects may find their way into the grill hopper and may cause the auger to get clogged.

b.Wet pellets

The Rec Tec grill is not a waterproof pellet grill. If there is enough water on the grill and it goes into the hopper, the pellets get wet.

Once the pellets get wet, it turns into the sawdust.

When sawdust sits into the auger, it eventually gets dried. When sawdust gets hard, they become very hard.

Once the pellets get contacted with humidity, they swell up and causing the auger to jam up.

The auger cannot push the hard sawdust and so the auger not turns.

Sometimes the wet pellets become hard like concrete and you need to extract them.

So that it is essential to store your Rec Tec in a closed area like a garage or place where your grill doesn’t get wet in the rain.

You can also use a canopy to protect your grill. It saves your grill from hot sun or rain.

How to Fix Rec Tec Auger That is Not Turning?

Use Rec Tec brand pellets

It is always good practice to use Rec Tec pellets for the Rec Tec grill.

REC TEC Pellets are introduced into the firepot to maintain a consistent temperature throughout grilling.

Their pellets are definite to give your BBQ a boost in the flavor department.

The Rec Tec pellets with Rec Tec Grill work wonderful and full flavor without being harsh or overbearing.

Always ensure that you are cooking with a premium 100% hardwood pellet.

Remove the obstruction in the hopper

Sometimes there are some sawdust or any foreign objects in the pellets. They go through the hopper to the auger when feeding the pellets into the auger.

So sifting pellets helps to get rid of excess sawdust or foreign objects that can come with pellets.

If you already fill the hopper with pellets, you need to take out the pellets and inspect if there is any obstruction. Clean out the pellets and the hopper and try again to start the grill.

You can remove the pellet dust in the hopper with a shop vac.

If you are not going to use your grill for six weeks or more, it is advised to remove all pellets from the hopper.

Vacuum out the auger

If you notice your Rec Tec auger is not turning, you can simply fix this by vacuuming the auger. You can use shop vac to remove the obstruction in the auger.

If it works you need not take out the auger and you can easily get rid of this issue. By vacuuming the auger, you can remove any wet pellets, sawdust or any foreign object stuck into the auger.

Replace the Auger on Rec Tec Pellet Grill

If the auger motor is not turning even if you remove the obstruction from the pellet hopper, you need to replace the auger motor.

The auger replacement may seem tricky but it is simple and easy ever you think of.

Let’s dive into the auger replacement here.

How to Replace the Auger on the Rec Tec Pellet Grill?

If your auger motor is faulty, you need to replace the whole auger assembly.

For this, you need to go to the back of the grill.

Remove the two screws located at both sides of the bottom of the access panel. So that you can remove the access panel.

When you remove the access panel, you can see an auger motor in this shelf.

There is a shear bolt that goes through the output shaft of the auger motor and the actual auger itself which holds the auger motor in its place.

At the back of the auger motor, there is the output shaft of the auger motor and the input shaft of the auger motor. The shear bolt is going through both shafts.

As I mentioned, the auger motor keeps it in its place and transfers the turning of the auger motor to the auger.

Now you have to turn on the grill and carefully notice what is happening.

When you turn on the grill and a small auger fan is running, it means the auger motor is running properly.

Now you have to look into the output shaft behind the auger motor.

When you turn on the grill, it turns at very low RPM i.e. one and a half RPM.

Now observe whether the shear bolt is turning or not. By doing so, you can assure the output of your auger motor.

If the bolt is turning, it means there is perfect auger output.

If the fan turns but the output shaft does not turn, then there is a problem with the gear reduction housing of the auger motor.

So, you need to replace the auger motor.

If the auger is getting jam due to wet pellets or any foreign objects, you need to pull out the pellet jam.

There are set screws at 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock behind the auger motor assembly. You need to remove them.

For this, you need a metric 2.5 Allen wrench and remove the set screws.

Now you have to extract the auger with the help of a hammer and bit pry the auger left and right. Sea saw the auger out the backside of the grill.

When you are trying to extract the auger, there is a bushing about an inch thick at the back of the auger motor.

While taking out the auger unclip the wires.

When you taking out the auger, remove the shear bolt with a small Philips head and plier and free these two things i.e. auger shaft and auger assembly.

If the auger is clogged, it will need a little more force to get the auger free.

Now you can use the auger shaft to clean out the auger tube so that you can remove any obstruction in the tube.

So, insert the auger shaft back and forth in the auger tube.

Now you can install the new auger motor. Install auger shaft with bush by using socket.

Place the socket over the auger and simply tap it. So that it will get fixed in an auger tube.

Install the set screws that bushing back in their place. Then install the shear bolt and new auger motor assembly.

If you prefer watching a video to getting rid of this issue, then I suggest the video one below as it is very simple and easy to follow.


Final Thoughts

Now you know, what to do if the Rec Tec auger motor not turning. I shared the steps above on how to do this to help you out.

It will save your money, and you can get back to grilling!

Though there are various reasons for the auger not turning or clogging but now you can fix it easily.

If you are not able to fix this issue, you can get in touch with Rec Tec support.

They have amazing customer support, they will fix it quickly.






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