How To Clean Rec Tec RTD Temperature Probe? (7 Different Tricks)

how to clean Rec Tec RTD probe
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Are you having trouble with reaching or exceeding temperature on your Rec Tec?

Then it may happen due issue with the auger, induction fan, or hot rod.

However, there could be an issue with the RTD probe. You might miss cleaning your RTD probe.

If you really want to keep your grill in top-notch condition for years to come, cleaning and maintenance of the grill play an essential role.

But most of you overlook the cleaning of the RTD probe of your grill.

Here we will get to know about how to clean the Rec Tec RTD Probe and different ways to clean it.

What Is The Rec Tec RTD Temperature Probe?

Every pellet grill has fixed with an RTD probe inside the grill.

RTD simply stands for Resistance Temperature Detector.

The Rec Tec RTD probe is the temperature probe attached to the inside of the cooking chamber on the left wall.

It has two leads that run to the controller.

The RTD Temperature Sensor reads the internal temperature of your pellet grill and transfers it with the controller to maintain consistent grill temperatures.

The control board then displays the temperature reading on the LED screen as per the signal sent by the RTD probe.

In this way, you get to know the right temperature inside the grill on that LED screen.

Importance of Cleaning Rec Tec RTD Probe/ Temperature Sensor

The RTD temperature probe should be clean, otherwise, the dirty probe won’t work properly.

You need to check whether the probe is properly cleaned and maintained or carbon accumulated on it.

Just a few microns of residue won’t change the way an RTD will sense temperature.

If the sensor is not clean, the black residue accumulates over it.

You will also find difficulty in maintaining a consistent temperature.

But if there is a lot of carbon build-up accumulated on the RTD probe, it may show the wrong temperature.

The residue from the smoke can build up on the RTD probe.

So, it is essential to clean and maintain the RTD probe for the right functioning of the grill.

Also, you need to check that it is not bent and touches the side of the grill for temperature accuracy.

If you find the probe dirty, you need to clean it the right way.

How To Clean Rec Tec RTD Probe?

Cleaning of Rec Tec RTD probe is not that much difficult task. But you need to be very careful as it is a fragile part of your grill.

However, they will work for many years in a stationary pellet stove but may not last as long in a pellet grill.

Because pellet grills are typically moved around. Depending upon how gently the grill is moved around, if the RTD sensor is warm, that fine wire may break.

So, you need to be careful while cleaning and moving around the grill.

Don’t apply excessive pressure for cleaning the probe.

Before start the cleaning, make sure the grill is disconnected from the power source and let the grill cool down.


Things You’ll Need:

Wet washcloth

Soapy water



Step 1: Remove the bracket located on RTD Probe

For cleaning the temperature probe, you need to remove the bracket hanging on the probe.

This bracket prevents the grate or other things inside your grill from striking the temperature probe.

You don’t need any tool to remove the bracket as it is just hanging over the probe.

So, you can take it out easily with your hands without any tools, you just need to slide it upward.

Removing the bracket allows you for ease in the cleaning process of the entire probe.

You can leave the grill grates inside the grill during the cleaning process of the temperature probe.

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Step Two: Wipe down with a wet cloth

Take a cloth and wet the cloth in soapy water.

Squeeze it and wipe down gently the RTD probe with that cloth. Scrub the sensor if there is a build-up of grime or grease.

Remove the build-up as much as you can.

Don’t pull up or push the sensor too much as it is a fragile and delicate part of your grill.

Clean it carefully otherwise it may break.

Also, clean the bottom of your RTD probe with a wet cloth.

Squeeze the cloth properly, so that there is excess water that won’t drip down on electrical parts of the grill.

Don’t go crazy for making it sparkling clean.

There is always have a bit of coating, but remove the chunky build up accumulated over it.

Step 3: Replace the bracket

After cleaning the sensor, slide down the bracket on the sensor. It is there for to protect the RTD sensor.

Other Different Ways to Clean Rec Tec RTD Probe

Taylor Thermometer Probe Wipes

Taylor Thermometer Probe Wipes are ideal for encouraging food safety in

restaurants and food services.

These wipes are made up of 70% isopropyl alcohol.

You just need to tear open a convenient sachet.

You can clean the temperature probe or thermometer with these wipes.

Just give a few swipes on the grill temp probe to knock the soot off.

It helps to keep your temperature probe in top working condition and maintain proper hygiene levels.


3M heady-duty Scotch Brite pad

You can use a dry 3M heady-duty Scotch Brite pad.

You can rub the probe like using a piece of sandpaper and clean it up thoroughly.

You can also use the same procedure for cleaning your meat probes.

These 3M Scotch Brite pads are work good for cleaning smoking and grilling gunk on the grill and other cooking tools.

Alcohol wipe

You can also use little alcohol to clean out the RTD probe.

Take a small cloth rag and wet it with alcohol.

Then squeeze it properly and wipe out the temperature sensor with this cloth.

You don’t need it spotless, but it is better to clean periodically than getting large build up that is hard to clean.

Easy off oven and Grill cleaner

Many folks use Easy off Oven cleaner for cleaning their entire grill including RTD temperature probe.

Just spray a little degreaser on the probe. Let it sit for a minute or two so that it can soak. Then scrub it gently.

You can see it makes a huge difference.

When you use any cleaner with chemicals, make sure to wipe it with a water-soaked paper towel to get rid of any chemical residue.



You can clean out your RTD sensor with the ingredient lurking in your house. Yes, that is vinegar.

You can clean many things around your house with vinegar.

This is one of the best household cleaners that are also safe to use.

Take a cloth rag and damp it with vinegar. Scrub the RTD sensor gently with a vinegar rag.

You can also apply a small amount of vinegar & water. Scrub gently with a scrubber.

It is an easy technique to keep the probe clean.


Tin foil

You can use tin foil instead of hard wire brushes.

Wire brushes may ruin the temperature probe so using tin foil is safer all the way.

Tin foil is also easily available at your home.

You can use tin foil more and more to clean the inside of my grill as an alternative to using wire brushes.


Paper towel

Cleaning your RTD sensor regularly prevents the large build of grime and grease in the long run.

So, it is better just to wipe down the temperature probe with a paper towel when you notice any build up.

It makes cleaning a breeze and keeps your RTD probe always in top-notch condition.


How Do I Know That My RTD Probe is Clean?

The brand new RTD probe has a silver finish.

It gets black or brown due to the grease or grime accumulated over it.

The temperature sensor should look like silver after cleaning.

It won’t look like brand new after cleaning but you can expect a close to silver color instead of black or brown.

There will be a noticeable difference once it is clean.


Additional Tips for Keeping Rec Tec RTD Probe Clean

Regular cleaning of RTD probe makes cleaning breeze.

Your RTD probe will get dirty after each cooking session.

After a long cooking session, you will notice there will be more black residue accumulated.

So, it is inevitable to clean it after a long cook.

You should check your RTD probe for cleaning after every 3 to 4 cooking session.

If there is a lot of grime and grease build up on your temperature probe, you should clean it the right way to avoid huge temperature fluctuations.


What To Do If I Can’t Get My RTD Sensor Clean?

I know, using one of the above tricks you can sparkle clean your RTD probe.

But if there is black build accumulated for several years and you are not able to clean it, even with the aforementioned tricks, replace your temperature probe.

If no single trick work for cleaning your RTD probe and still you are noticing the huge temperature swings, you should consider replacing the RTD probe.

The new RTD Probe is not much expensive and easy to replace also.


How To Replace RTD Probe on Rec Tec Grill?

If your RTD probe on Rec Tec is faulty or not showing the right temperature you need to replace it.

Replacing the RTD probe is very much simple and easy.

Following is the process for the Rec Tec 680 and Rec Tec 700 models. You can replace the Rec Tec RTD probe with the following easy steps.


Things You’ll Need

8mm socket


New RTD Probe


Step 1

Unplug your grill from an electrical power source.


Step 2

For replacing the RTD probe, you need to remove the access the panel.

You can remove the access panel located under the side shelf using an 8MM socket.


Step 3

Now you have to unplug the wires. Unplug the two white wires which are connected to red connectors using a plier.


Step 4

You need to unscrew the hardware of the RTD probe (Screw located at the bottom of the RTD probe) from the inside of the grill.

Older Rec Tec models have one screw whereas newer models have two screws.


Step 5

 There is a bracket on the RTD probe. Remove the bracket from the old RTD probe and save it for a new temperature sensor.

If you have an older Rec Tec model, there is no bracket for the RTD probe.


Step 6

Now your old RTD probe is unplugged. Pull out the wire of the unplugged RTD probe.

Take the new RTD sensor and push the wires of the new RTD at one go through the hole located inside the grill.

Push both RTD probe wires through the side shelf hole one at a time.


Step 7

Slide the bracket onto the brand new RTD probe with the bracket against the grill.

Screw the new RTD probe in place of the old RTD sensor using the existing hardware.


Step 8

Pug in the new RTD probe wires back into the controller of the grill.

If you have Rec Tec 680, you need to plug it into RTDA and if you have Rec Tec 700, you need to plug in PT1000.


Step 9

Again, attach the access panel that was removed earlier for the side shelf.

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Final Thoughts

The RTD Probe for your Rec Tec Grill is used for measuring the internal heat of your meat while they’re cooking.

You should keep the RTD probe not only for sanitary reasons but also for the precision of your heat measurements.

Extra gunk or grease from previous grilling sessions can affect the measurement.

So, always keep your RTD clean for the right functioning of your grill.


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