Master The Art of Grilling Rec Tec Chicken Wings!

Rec Tec Chicken wings
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Do you feel that you lack basic cooking skills?

Honestly, I don’t think you require any superficial skills for cooking.

You mainly need to put in a lot of effort!

While grilling steamy steak is common, are you wondering how to cook chicken wings on Rec Tec grills?

Worry not, you simply need to assemble all the necessary cooking ingredients, marinate your chicken and place them on the griller.

But you must ensure proper heat control and change the temperature of the grillers to get perfect, crispy Rec Tec chicken wings.

Each variety of the pellet grills require a different amount of time to cook chicken.

Listed below are some basic tips and tricks of grilling!

How To Cook Chicken Wings on Rec Tec?

Chicken Wings on Rt 590 Wood Pellet Grill

Chicken Wings Recipe and Process on Rec Tec 590

  • Use 4 pounds of chicken wings.
  • Coat ½ of the chicken using your desired ready-packed spices.
  • Set aside the marinated chicken for ½ an hour.
  • Place the wings around the outside grates where the heat is evenly distributed at 500 degrees for 15-20 minutes.
  • Flip the chicken after120 degrees, 160 degrees respectively and finish it around 180 degrees.
  • Then turn up the heat to 500 degrees for some added crisp.
  • Rest the chicken wings for a few minutes


If you are a person who has the tendency to cook for the entire neighborhood then you should look into this high-end model.

The spectacular octagonal-shaped design has plenty of space for all those wings.

Apart from loading a lot of chicken wings, you can at any time accommodate a whole chicken inside it.

This model has a hopper capacity of 30 pounds, ideal for long cooking hours.

The construct of the cooking grates is such that you would be able to seamlessly sear your ingredients.

The main lucrative quality is that Rec Tec 590 is very tech-friendly.

You can control the temperature remotely due to its Wi-Fi compatibility.


Large cooking space

Durable and quickly heats up

Wi-Fi compatibility



Laborious setup

Insubstantial wheels

Chicken Wings on Rt 700 Wood Pellet Grill

Chicken Wings Recipe and Process on Rec Tec 700

  • Assemble and mix the dry spices.
  • Take about 3-4 dozen of chicken wings and dip in the dry mixture.
  • Shake off any excess dry ingredient.
  • Heat the RT 700 pellet to 350 degrees. This should take about 10 minutes at max.
  • Distribute the wings evenly and heat for 25 minutes.
  • Use garlic oil or mixed herbs oil over your chicken wings for coating.
  • Increase the heat to 400 degrees and wait for 30 minutes for the wings to crisp

Start preparing a special buffalo sauce to drizzle over the wings.

Just mix equal proportions of honey, Worcestershire sauce along with a quadruple amount of unsalted butter and a few minced garlic cloves.

Add these to 2 cups of red-hot tomato sauce.

This is one of the most powerful Rec Tec pellet grillers.

It is built entirely from stainless steel, and not a drop of fake paint is used!

You thus don’t have to worry about any flaking off the exterior.

Rec Tec 700 offers a roomy capacity of 1054 square inches with 702 inches on the main grate and an extra 352 space on the second grate.

The cleaning process is non-strenuous as it is absolutely rust-free.

Let the heat settle down first before you start cleaning.

We want crispy chicken wings, not human skin!

The hopper offers an excellent capacity of being able to whop around 40 pounds of meat at once.

But the hopper requires constant monitoring so that you can be sure that it remains clean and dry.


Spacious grilling capacity with scrumptious smoking flavors

Easy cleaning with stainless body both in the inside and outside

User friendly


Bulky exterior

Difficult to assemble

Narrow temperature range compared to the size

Chicken Wings With RT B380 Bull’s Eye Wood Pallet

Chicken Wings Recipe and Process on Rec Tec B380

  • Take about 35 pieces of chicken wings.
  • Place the wings in a large bowl and then add 1/4th cup olive oil along with equal proportions of sriracha and tomato-garlic sauce.
  • Coat the wings with a mixture of baking powder and all-spice mixed herbs.
  • Shrug off the excess coating.
  • Leave the marinated chicken wings to sit in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour.
  • In the meantime, pre-heat RT B380 to 275 degrees at first for a smoky flavor.
  • Smoke the wings properly for 1 hour. Flip them over in between halfway.
  • Then increase the heat to 400 degrees and grill the chicken wings for an additional 45 minutes, flipping them over in between.

RT b380 Bull’s eye palette would give you the perfect charcoal grill smoky flavor without spending hours preparing them.

The enamel-coated cooking chamber comes with a surface area of 380 square inches.

You have the authentic experience of charcoal grilling as RT B380 would help you prepare your chicken wings over a real wood fire.

I ascertain you that you would enjoy the true blend of old culture and modernism!

It’s very easy to operate as it comes with simple knob controls and a flame detector.

You can check the fuel rate and temperature in a flash.

Also, the dome thermometer would not make you wait for eons to heat up!


Reliable and affordable

Has strong and large blend pallets worth 80 lbs.

Additional accessories- premium grill cover and grill pad


Small cooking area

Rubber wheels may need replacement after wearing out

No extra cooking grates

How Long to Cook Chicken Wings on Rec Tec?

RT 590 – Total grilling and preparing time are about 2 hours.

The grill takes about 15-20 minutes to reach 500 degrees, so you would have the perfectly crispy chicken wings within 45 minutes at max!

RT 700- You would need about 3 hours to complete the entire process.

Remember to give adequate time on the pellet grill for that perfect crisp.

So, you may let the wings sit at 400 degrees for more than 30 minutes.

Do not abruptly turn down the heat.

The skin of the wings feels rubbery if heated in 225-250 degrees.

Overall, it will take about 1 hour in the grill!

RT B380 Bull’s eye- Overall, it’s going to take you about 4-5 hours to prepare and complete grilling the chicken wings.

The super-efficient grill would only take half the time of your total preparation, which is roughly about 2 hours.

How to Cook Chicken Wings on Rec Tec At 0 to 400 Degree?

Cooking chicken wings at 0 to 400 degrees on the Rec Teq is a real fun!

1.You have to season chicken wings with pepper, and garlic powder. Then lightly coat with olive oil.

2.Place on cold(off) Rec Teq, set your Rec Teq pellet grill to 400.

3.Cook the chicken wings for 30 minutes. Flip the wings and again cook for 30 more minutes.

4. Put the wings in a bowl and toss in some wing sauce.

5. Return wings to Rec Teq and cook the chicken wings for 5 minutes on each side.

If you follow the same recipe, you will get perfect results. The chicken wings becomes really crispy outside that comes right off the bone when you bite.

Additional Tips for Making Chicken Wings Crispy On Rec Tec Grill

1.For crispy chicken wings, lay uncooked chicken wings on a baking sheet and refrigerate.

It should be fat side up and uncovered for overnight or for few hours. It helps to dries out or dehydrate the skin that make them more crispy.

2. Cook low and slow in rec tec grill. When it is done, transfer to bbq until desired crispiness is achieved.

3. Instead of baking powder you can use corn starch with same measurement which gives crispiness to your wings.

How Do I Connect My Rec Tec to Wi-fi?

Final Thoughts

The Rec Tec grills are very competitive among themselves I must say.

Most of them promise similar construction and reliability.

You should focus on the grilling techniques to get your desired result!




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