Char-broil Gas Grill Modifications- Modified Cooking Experience!

Char-broil Gas Grill Modifications
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Grilling is an experience many folks enjoy for several reasons, including showing off their grilling skills.

With the char-broil gas grill, barbequing is set to new standards, with several options to switch between temperatures and more.

It is this experience that can be made better specifically for the grill man.

When the grill man decides to enhance their barbequing experience, char-broil gas grill modifications are in order.

These can include changes to the grill itself, making it flashier, or modifications that are functional rather than simply aesthetic.

Customizing your char-broil grill is easy with the right accessories, ideas, and of course suppliers.

Check out a few char-broil gas grill modifications you might find worthy.

10 Best Char-broil Gas Grill Modification Ideas

As mentioned earlier, modifications can be cosmetic only, meaning they offer no function at all.

Others might be more valuable as they offer function on top of looks.


Begin with function rather than cosmetic enhancements.

Outdoor grills have inbuilt thermometers, but it’s a fact that some don’t’ function too well.

It is also a fact that you need better thermometers to know the exact temperatures on different parts of the grill.

These are affordable enough for one to purchase two or more.

Incidentally, they can be installed on either side of the existing thermometer.

Most grills will have the thermometer placed on the outside of the cover.

Placing two more thermometers on either side gives a clearer impression of what’s happening inside your grill.

You can also attach temperature gauges on the outside of the grill.

These require drilling on either side, then covering the holes with adequate caps.

These caps usually have holes slightly big enough for the wires of the temperature gauges.

It is important to seal off the holes properly to avoid smoke and heat leaving the chamber.


Not all char-broil grills come with handy wheels, and if they do, they don’t offer much support.

Upgrading to larger wheels makes it easier to move the unit when it rains.

It is also convenient when shifting to other parts of the garden, or perhaps if you are barbequing in different areas of a field.

Bigger wheels are cool but can come in handy when relocating and selling the grill (or not!).

Incidentally, some grills come with two wheels, so how about adding two more wheels for a four-wheeling- barbequing experience?

Drive-in Hose

Another cool modification is the addition of a hose on the inside of the cover.

As opposed to smoke simply feeding off to the side box and leaving the grill, the heat circulates within the grill first.

The hose keeps smoke and heat within the grill for a longer duration, meaning meats are grilled better, and deeper.

Essentially, the heat has to build up within the grill chamber before leaving the grill.

This is a simple DIY project that doesn’t require expert consultation.

Also, the hose can be found from at-home scrap, perhaps from car or lawn mower parts.

Briquettes and Lava Rocks

You can get your gas grill to use lava rocks or briquettes for a better cooking experience.

This requires a few new shelves of adequate length, to be placed between the burners and create a higher level.

Once you’ve achieved this level, lava rocks are added allowing you to have the old-school, classic grilling experience.

Some differ on whether food debris along with rock pebbles might fall onto the burner.

It is a perfectly tried and proven char-broil gas grill modification and worth a shot.

Most char-broil grills will have enough space for one to buy these modification shelves.


These are similar to duct tape or any household tape that holds heavy stuff together.

For laymen, it simply refers to tape that you can use to seal off leaking areas.

In this case, there are spots where the cover may not completely seal off smoke from seeping through.

The gasket sealant holds more smoke within the chamber, again giving your meat thorough cooking.

These gasket sealants are easy to acquire on any credible website and are easy to fix too.

It is one of the most functional Char-broil gas grill modifications you will try today.

Ideally, one should use high-temperature sealant and not generic products from the local hardware store.

This is one of the most affordable Char-broil gas grill modifications thus far.  

Smokey Paint

After years of barbequing, char-broil gas grill modifications might be crucial.

It is because grills tend to look rusty and all smoked-out whether they are charcoal or in this case gas grills.

There is a perfect solution for this.

Simply buy a new coat of paint but not anything shiny.

Grills look better when they have a dusty or smoked appearance.

Make it look good as new, yet still not shiny enough to show any spots of grease or aging.

Such paint can be bought on amazon or other credible local hardware stores.

It is important to let it dry out before lighting any fires with methane and other flammables still volatile.

Side Shelves

These shelves or side tables might not be available to order for your outdoor grill specifically.

However, being char-broil gas grill modifications, it will be more fun if it’s a project.

Make it a DIY project with sons and nephews.

Create side tables out of wood and buy varnish or clear paint for a neater appearance.

These side tables can double up as cutting boards, presentation, and serving tables.

Let buddies pick up hotdogs and steaks before they hit the other tables.

Cutting Boards

Some char-broil gas grill modifications are almost facilitated by the manufacturer.

Chances are the char-broil gas grill you own boasts tiny holes on the side.

These are meant to add on accessories like holders for condiments and tools.

Also, they can be used to fasten new cutting boards as part of the DIY project.

Simply make adequately sized cutting boards with holes for screws to adequately hold them in place.

You can have the side shelves mentioned above on one side, and cutting boards on the other.

External Tank

While most gas grills won’t house the propane tank internally, some do.

It is better to build a separate box, be it a few meters away or close yet sealed.

This allows any leaking gas not to find its way toward the flames.

Char-broil gas grill modifications will only enhance the grilling experience.

Nothing enhances this experience better than adequate safety precautions.

Be sure to have a sound carpenter building and installing this propane tank housing.

If the wood doesn’t work, source parts like sheer metal or heat-resistant material for better protection.

Any small flame could be detrimental or fatal to the grill man- and guests.


When things get heated stuff begins to melt.

At times what is burning is not exactly food.

Modifying the control panel to include an extra heat shield is worthwhile.

Also, this helps with not exactly keeping less heat from reaching the grill man, it prevents knobs from melting.

Another option is to modify or replace knobs with stronger and more heat-resistant knobs.

Find OEM suppliers online and enjoy longer-lasting knobs and gauges even as grilling durations increase.

The heat shield can be a DIY project for those savvy enough with carpentry work.


Some of the above-mentioned modifications are perfect DIY projects for families.

Fathers and sons can improve their barbeques using simple methods which also bring out other innate talents.

It is better to practice safe methods and if expertise is needed, be sure to hire some instead of winging it.

Trying risky char-broil gas grill modifications without supervision is ill-advised.

Happy grilling with Char-broil gas grill modifications and their benefits.




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