Char-Broil Grill One Burner Not Working?-5 Causes and 6 Fixes!

Char-Broil Grill One Burner Not Working
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 So, your char-broil grill one burner stopped working; it might not be as serious as you think.

On the other hand, it could be dangerous to prolong usage with one faulty burner.

A char-broil grill one- burner- not -working situation calls for quick checks between cylinders and the burners themselves.

A char-broil grill -one- burner- not working situation could be due to a battery issue, a faulty igniter, or burnt-out burners.

All these can be fixed without too much expertise, although an expert is always welcome in things LPG-related.

New-age charbroil grills boast OEM parts.

These need to be replaced by accredited manufacturers and suppliers.

Char-broil Grill One Burner not working – Causes

With time and extreme barbequing which we all love, the char-broil grill you love so much will need repairs.

Most of these are due to long-running grilling streaks and have little to do with misuse.

There are a few causes to a char-broil one burner not working.

Few causes will burn a hole through your pocket though.


If the igniter is faulty the burner won’t light up even if others are lighting up.

With the char-broil grill, one burner not working chances are the igniter is malfunctioning.

All burners have separate igniters, meaning even as 3 or more burners light up normally, one might be misfiring or completely dead.

Because igniters help eliminate the need for matchsticks and lighters, one might need to resolve to the old-fashioned way.

The modern char-broil grill one burner not working situation could be due in part to the battery pack.

Long as the grill boasts an igniter, there will undoubtedly be a battery pack.

This is inserted via the control panel within easy reach of the owner.

It can be retracted easily to check for power.

If this battery is dead, none of the igniters will work.

It also eliminates one having to look deeper into the grill searching for other causes.

Again, with dead batteries comes no ignition so resolutions might be linked back to lighters and matches.

Dead Burner

A burnt-out burner is easy to spot.

This occurs over time and it is likely that more than one burner will be heading out, or is about to.

It also means batteries and igniters work perfectly, but only one burner needs fixing.

Because it is not an electrical burner, nor an issue of leaking gas, spotting the dead burner and removing should be a breeze.

However, it is still advisable that one seeks professional help when removing or replacing any parts of the unit.

Carryover Bracket

Some units do not have separate igniters for all burners.

It is more likely they boast a carry-over bracket.

This feeds gas from one end, or one burner, to all the others.

If this becomes rusty, perhaps filled with dirt or grime, there is the likelihood that one or two burners will not work properly.

This carryover bracket is easy to locate and check for malfunctions.

The carryover bracket is easy to spot as it sits between two burners and simply carries over any flames from one burner to the other.

Electrode wires

These wires are connected to each burner and with rust build-up, they could stop firing.

These wires also need to be checked in case of a faulty connection.

During moving, maintenance or repairs, it is possible that wires come loose or are connected improperly.

Additionally, the burners might not be communicating with the control panel.

It means even as you turn the knobs, the burners will not ignite.

Further, it becomes impossible for them to light up if valves and other connectors are out of place.

As you seek solutions for the char-broil grill one burner, not the working situation, remember to always engage professionals.

While spotting a misfiring igniter or a faulty carryover bracket is easy, other parts are harder to find.

Additionally, it becomes crucial to avoid replacing parts yourself.

There might be some oversight on your part leading to loose connections, like electrode wires, or knobs.

What ensues are more char-broil grill issues.

Char-broil Grill One Burner Not Working – Fixes

Fixes for char-broil grill one burner not working issues are easy to implement.

Most require some handyman skills to pull through.

However, always seek advice when dealing with LP gas cylinders.

Replace Igniter

When igniters fail, they require replacement.

This is possible with a wrench used to easily pull them out and grab new ones.

As mentioned above, most grills will have igniters next to each burner.

These resemble the tips of pens for easy reference.

Grab a tool that works for you to retract them and run to the nearest hardware store for a new one.

Also, because these are not hidden per se, one can scan over other igniters while down there to see if they light up efficiently.

It is easier to fix all of them at once than to replace each over time.

It might also be less time-consuming and less expensive.

Replace Battery

This is the easiest replacement or repair you will carry out this year.

After checking the battery box, don’t bother checking if that battery works.

Simply put in a new one and check if the igniters work.

If they do work then the problem was indeed the battery.

If they still are not lighting up, use the recommendation above or the ones below for further assistance.

Incidentally, some works, due to no fault of theirs, sometimes insert the battery incorrectly.

Placing positive ends to negative ones won’t work.

This is a slight oversight that can leave you quite frustrated and make unnecessary runs to the hardware store.

Ensure the battery is placed correctly with the positive ends facing where they should.

Replace Burners

After running through the above-mentioned fixes and finding than that works, you might need to replace the element.

Find the char-broil grill one burner not working and replace it.

This might be easier said than done with modern grills.

However, the user manual provides a decent guide on replacements and so would a professional.

Be sure to visit accredited suppliers of said parts, whether online or off, to ensure the purchase of OEM parts only.

The alternatives are cheaper imitations that will send you back to the hardware store sooner than necessary.

Carryover bracket replacement

This is not only easy to replace, but it is also easy to identify.

Once you open up the grill, the carryover bracket sits between two pipes/burners.

Its work is to carry the lit gas or flame in this case, over to the adjacent burner.

It is easy to remove and if not possible due to lack of tools, any technician can replace it in a matter of minutes.

The carryover bracket is also small and inexpensive and the chances of having to replace several of these are low.

With four burners you likely only have two carryover brackets.

It is also well-advised to replace all carryover brackets when one stops functioning.

This is because it is likely the other will also meet its demise soon.

Electrode wire replacement

If wires were somehow connected incorrectly or left loose, it should be easy to spot.

These can be rewired quickly and without too much hassle.

However, seeing as there were improper connections in the first place, it might be better to have a professional check it out.

It takes a few minutes for professional work to be carried out yet it solves days of stress in the future.

Subsequently, there should be an electrode wire assembly in place.

This might be faulty, dirty, or just old.

Replacement should be done with original parts only, purchased from accredited suppliers.

Clean out Debris

The valves and manifolds might be clogged and require cleaning.

As gas flows through these pipes, there needs to be non-stoppage.

If debris, perhaps grime/oil/grease build-up has accumulated it will prevent an adequate flow of gas to the burner.

Thus, the char-broil grill one burner not working situation can be fixed with an easy clean-up.

This is an easy fix and one that can be carried out using soap and water; no need for consultation.


Avoid using the grill for prolonged periods without cleaning it out, with soap and water.

Grime build-up can be hard to clean up over time.

Also, rust becomes an issue, and though hard to prevent, scraping off bits or replacing parts frequently prevents losing too much time, and money on future repairs.

Enjoy the char-broil grill with all burners working today.

Prevention is better than seeking fixes.




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