Nexgrill Vs Expert Grill – Read This Before Buying!

Nexgrill Vs Expert Grill
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Many homeowners enjoy backyard grilling over the weekends, especially during warm seasons.

These grilling fiestas need to happen efficiently, with adequate output from the grills in terms of BTUs and no disruptions based on regulator, or burner issues.

Placing the Nexgrill vs Expert Grill is necessary as they both offer similar features.

However, factoring in price and some key factors, a face-off should be enough to tell us which grill offers better value for money.

Grills used for family and friends’ gatherings ought to be of adequate size.

This helps get food on and off the grill faster and onto plates of hungry guests.

These features and others are examined herein to offer insight to consumers before they decide on a purchase.

Nexgrill Review

The Nexgrill 4-burner offers six hundred and forty-four square inches of grilling space.

This is not huge, but any family plus a few friends over the weekend will not wait too long to grab a bite.

Nexgrill offers an even-heat cooking system.

This allows heat to be evenly spread out while cooking.

The Nexgrill parts all boast different warranties.

For example, stainless steel components include a three-year warranty while burners boast ten years’ coverage.

This is only for perforation though.

Regarding heat, all burners offer sixty thousand BTUs of power, meaning you won’t be short of heat for grilling, searing, and the like.

The Nexgrill also boasts decent flare-up tamers, which adequately reduce excessive heat flaring all over the place.

This could be the most budget-friendly Nexgrill, apart from the portable one-burner, tabletop gas grill.

Expert Grill Review

The Expert Grill offers four hundred and six hundred and nineteen square inches of grilling space.

This includes the cooking and warming area.

Large families can have friends over for some epic cooking over the weekend.

It may not suffice for larger crowds during ball games.

Expert Grill boats stainless steel burners that provide the same heat across the grilling area.

Expert Grill manufacturers offer a two-year warranty for the grill and a five-year warranty for the burners.

These warranties are all subject to terms and conditions and thus are limited.

In terms of heat, the burners offer a total of forty-eight thousand BTUs of power, which is adequate for not-so-large or quick cooking.

This is a budget-friendly grill, with enough features to put most grills to shame.

There is also a push to ignite the system allowing you to fire up all burners at once.

Nexgrill vs Expert Grill-Comparison


Ultimately the one defining factor when purchasing anything boils down to pricing.

While the recommended retail price for a new Nexgrill is above $270, a new Expert Grill costs less than $200.

These prices are for the 4-burner units.

Even though prices may vary depending on whether you shop on eBay or Amazon, a Sears store, or Wal-Mart, chances are Expert Grills will be cheaper.


The Nexgrill barbeque grills offer 60,000 BTUs of power, while the Expert Grill only puts out 48,000 BTUs of power.

This is not necessarily an exact indication of cooking power but it gives insight into what you are working with.

Incidentally, the Nexgrill option offers an Even-heat cooking system, to share heat evenly to all cooking areas.

While there is no such system mentioned under Expert Grill specifications, their grill boasts stainless steel burners, providing the same needs.

Cooking space.

While cooking every grill man, or woman needs some warming space but more importantly, enough space to grill.

Our analysis of the Nexgrill shows that their unit boasts 644 square inches of grilling space.

This is a few square inches more than Expert Grill, which offers 619 square inches of cooking area.

The difference will barely be noticeable while grilling on one over the other.

Ease of movement

Both grills have wheels and thus are easy enough to move around.

This is important as the elements can become a problem when you leave your grill outdoors.

Luckily for consumers, both grills are not so heavy either.

It means deliveries and moves around the yard and house will not be a problem.


As a brand, Nexgrill offers fewer options compared to Expert Grill.

There are single burner units as well as four, five, and six burners.

However, Expert Grill has over 19 models with readily available parts locally, in the United States.


While the Expert Grill specs show more stainless steel than Nexgrill, their grill is bound to last longer.

This is because Nexgrill offers carbon cores with stainless steel covering.

It means it is not exactly a stainless cooking assembly and thus is weaker in terms of integrity and longevity.

Consumers might keep this in mind when considering the warranty and lifespan of a Nexgrill.


These seem to require a deeper understanding and review, by consumers, before purchase.

For instance, Nexgrill offers ten-year coverage for burners, against perforation only.

Expert Grill offers a five-year warranty for burners, but we are not sure if it is also only against perforation.

Other warranties under Nexgrill mention 3 years of coverage for stainless steel parts, but we’ve already been told these parts are few – and mostly carbon cores.  

Nexgrill vs Expert Grill – Comparison Table


Expert Grill

A 4-burner Nexgrill retails at $270 or more; a used unit costs approximately 140. 

A 4-burner Expert Grill retails at $197, at Walmart. A used unit can cost anywhere from $50 to $100.

Nexgrill puts out 60,000 BTUs of power with an even-heat distribution system.

Expert Grill puts out 48,000 BTUs of power with stainless steel parts offering even heat distribution.

Nexgrill offers boasts six hundred forty-four inches of grilling space.

Expert Grill boasts six hundred and nineteen inches of cooking and warming space.

Nexgrill features mostly carbon cores with stainless steel cladding.

The expert grill features a stainless steel cooking area (burners) and a stainless steel lid.

How To Choose Best Gas Grill?

BTU requirement

The meaning of BTU is the ability of the BBQ burners to produce heat.

You can should cant grill a steak with a gas grill who’s power is less than 100 BTU/square inches.

You can use grills with less than 100 BTU/square inches for long bbq but not for grilling.

Then how can you do the calculation?

You take the BTU and divide it by the size of the grill cooking area.

E.g. if your grill gives 54000 BTU , and the area is 25.6″ x 17.3″

Then calculation is 54000/(25.6 * 17.3) = 122

It is above our minimum standard.

The infrared burners can have a lower BTU.

Because infrared burners have better heat dissipation as it emits intense heat to sear and cook food.

Cooking area

The main consideration in determining grill size is the cooking area.

The cooking area is calculated in square inches or square cm.

The minimum cooking area you require for a family is 400 square inches and three burner gas grill comes with 400-500 square inches cooking area.

People using their five or six burners grills should have 500-600 square inches of cooking area.

Grill Material

The grill body material is plays significant role while buying a grill.

Durable material ensures the longevity of the outdoor grills and also the quality of daily grills.

Aluminium cast and stainless steel are good options for gas grill where other metals are considered less qualified.

Most of grills made of cast aluminium.

It has traditionally been used as it is rust resistant and it has great capacity to hold heat and distribute it evenly.

Another best material is stainless Steel

Your grill body and the frame should be made from Stainless steel for durability and performance.

There are many types of stainless steel with significant differences in price.

Model 304 and Model 430 whereas 316 model which is a little less popular.

Smaller the number better quality of stainless steel.

The 304 model covers 18 percent chromium and 8 percent nickel.

The 430 model holds 17 percent chromium and 0.12 percent carbon.

This means that the 304 model withstands at higher temperatures.

It has less rusting and maintains its glossy appearance for longer.

Quick Trick: if you wanna know which stainless steel model the grill has?

Take one magnet for the refrigerator and keep it on the inner part of the grill.

If it sticks, then the steel is the lower quality 430, if it does not stick, then it is the quality is 304.

Additional features

No doubt, additional features of grill always enhance your grilling experience.

It includes electronic ignition system, warming rack, rotisserie backburner, side burner and light.

Some grills also come with cabinet, side shelf, gas and charcoal combo.


In choosing a grill, another important consideration is the manufacturer is and how much warranty the product is given.

The higher the manufacturer’s warranty, the greater the quality and efficiency of the product.

So, choosing grill with higher warranty is always best option.

Bottom Line

Both grills offer several features worth noting and indeed, they are more or less the same.

Even with variations in pricing, one can still end up buying an Expert Grill at the same price as a Nexgrill.

When it boils down to deciding which suits you better, it boils down to what matters the most – is it price, lifespans, or brands?


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