Ultimate Guide To Rec Tec Pellet Grill Modifications

Rec Tec Pellet Grill Modifications
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Having a Rec Tec pellet grill is a great way to elevate your grilling experience, but the more you cook with it, you may find there are minor enhancements that you think may make your cooking even better or simply easier for you.

There are a huge number of Rec Tec pellet grill modifications listed on the Internet for you to view and consider for your own grill.

They’re modifications that other home users have tried and many people have found helpful.

Listed below are the best Rec Tec pellet grill modifications that we’ve found so far listed in a single place for you to review and consider.

Best Rec Tec Pellet Grill Modifications

These Rec Tec pellet grill modifications are the best overall that we’ve found but aren’t listed in any particular order, so consider them all equal and simply decide which would actually make your cooking experience better or easier.

Also, the idea behind the modifications or enhancements below is about making things better and not just adding complex modifications for the sake of making changes.

Meat Probe Thermometer To Track Cooking

One of the most simple but effective Rec Tec pellet grill modifications you can make is including a meat probe thermometer in your cooking process.

There is no ideal meat probe to use but ensure that it’s not one you need to keep sticking in and checking manually; otherwise, you’ll going to continue losing heat, and you’ll have to stick around to watch and wait.

If you pick one of the meat probe thermometers with long probe cables, you can stick them in at the start of the cooking process and place the digital device on a table or in a holder near the grill.

For an even more upgraded experience, get a Wifi enabled meat probe so that you can check on your phone rather than constantly coming back to see what the temperature is.

Include A Grill Mat For Cleaner Cooking

A grill mat is one of the must-have Rec Tec pellet grill modifications for price and ease of use.

With the grill mat, you’re going to have a much cleaner grill because almost everything is being caught by the mat, and it can simply be pulled out and put into the dishwasher rather than scrub your Rec Tec grill, which nobody wants to do.

Another issue that a good grill mat can help with is smaller items that can sometimes fall between the grill, such as smaller vegetables or shrimp and prawns.

There is no escape for anything you put on the grill mat, so it’ll stay in place and cook perfectly.

You’ll still get the expected grill marks on whatever you’re cooking, so don’t worry that this takes away from the grilling experience; it’s simply a way to make it cleaner and deal with smaller specialty items.

Grilling Grates For Better Sears

The wire grates that come with your grill are fine, but if you’re looking to push the limits and cook restaurant-grade food, then one of the fantastic Rec Tec pellet grill modifications is to get a searing grate.

Searing grates will get up to 300 degrees hotter than the standard grates that come with the Rec Tec, so you’ll be able to get extreme sears on your meats when finishing them off.

It also allows you to try out reverse sear cooking; simply cook your steak at a lower temperature, and when it’s almost cooked, you can put it on a searing grate that is flat side up to get a perfect crust on your steak.

Add Smoke Tubes For More Smoke And Cold Smoking

If you’re looking for a smokier flavor in your food or you want to try cold smoking, then another simple Rec Tec pellet grill modification is to buy a pellet smoker tube.

You’ll be able to increase the available smoke in your Rec Tec grill, just make sure there is reasonable airflow in your grill, or your meat may become over smoked and get a bitter taste.

If you want to try cold smoking, light the pellet smoker tube, place it inside the grill, and don’t turn on the grill. You’ll get smoked flavor without the heat from the grill, and you see how cold smoking does for things like cheese.

Increase the Wifi Range Of Your Grill App

The Wifi range on your Rec Tec grill is standard for most devices, but if your grill is too far away from the router, then you may have connectivity issues, and if you can’t or don’t want to move the grill or router, there are Rec Tec pellet grill modifications that can help.

To install an enhanced Wifi antenna to your grill, you’ll only need the antenna package and a drill.

  • Remove your controller by unscrewing it for easier access.
  • Drill a hole in an appropriate position, potentially on the base of your controller.
  • Detach the factory antenna and screw in your new enhanced Wifi antenna through the hole you’ve drilled.

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Make Your Rec Tec Grill More Portable With Wheels

The wheels on a typical Rec Tec grill are substandard if you need to move your grill often, which can be the case if you’re bringing it in and out from your garage for each grill.

One of the better Rec Tec pellet grill modifications for this issue is the “Wheel Mod.”

  1. Buy upgraded caster wheels from Amazon.
  2. Flip your Rec Tec grill over so you can easily access the wheels.
  3. Pull off the current casters.
  4. You may need to drill bigger holes to match your new wheels screws
  5. Attach the new wheels and lock them in place.

You should now have much studier and stronger wheels that can handle more movement, including over rough terrain.

Get at least 10” casters made of strong material, and make sure they’re not steel wheels, or your ground can be damaged.

Add High Heat Grommets, So You Don’t Lose Smoke

If you upgraded to an expensive meat probe thermometer, you’re likely hanging the wires out of the Rec Tec lid, and this can reduce the life of the cables and make you replace the meat probe sooner than you should; one of the cheaper Rec Tec pellet grill modifications to fix this is to install high-temperature grommets.

Installation is simple; you just need to drill a hole into your lid or the side of your Rec Tec and then install the grommet on either side of the hole.

You can install as many grommets as you need, typically 1 per wire or at least 1 per area you need to check the meat.

The grommets will also stop any smoker from escaping, so you don’t need to worry about losing your smokey flavor when drilling into the Rec Tec.

Seal Your Rec Tec Lid To Stop Smoker Escaping

If you’re finding too much smoke escaping through your Rec Tec lid, then your best Rec Tec pellet grill modifications option is to simply seal the lid, and you can do that with lavalock.

It’s peel and stick, so extremely simple to install and won’t peel away as long as you get a high-temperature version of some type of gasket sealer.

Add A Sidekick Searer

To provide a better sear to your meat after it’s been cooked, there are a few Rec Tec pellet grill modifications, but one that doesn’t take up space inside is a sidekick sear.

The installation process is simple.

  1. Mark the hole placements in position on your Rec Tec grill.
  2. Drill appropriately sized holes and install stainless steel bolts and washers from the inside.
  3. Attach the sidekick with the provided nuts.
  4. Seal the stainless steel bolts with a heat-resistant sealer

Once completed, you’ll have an always-ready sidekick that can sear any meat quickly without having to waste space or keep your Rec Tec grill open if other meats are still cooking.

Rec Tec Drip Bucket Mod

One of the big complaints of the Rec Tec grill is that the drip bucket can be knocked off, especially by animals, and in some situations, you may forget to put the drip bucket back on after you’ve cleaned it.

Your best opportunity for Rec Tec pellet grill modifications will be to install the “Drip Bucket Mod.”

  1. Install a high-temperature gasket and tubing to your drip pipe
  2. Place your tubing into a large glass container that is sealed.

It’s simple, and you can make your own modifications to the piping or container that’s used, but the bigger the container, the less often you’ll need to replace it.

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Can the Rec Tec Grill be left outdoors?

Actually, grills are made to be left outdoors for outdoor cooking.

So, you can left the Rec Tec grill outdoors. But make sure you have covered it properly when not in use to keep it in optimal working condition.

Make sure you are keeping the pellets dry as wet pellets cant burn efficiently.

Can I use wood chips in Rec Tec grill?

No, you cant use wood chips in Rec Tec grill. Rec Tec grills are designed to use with pellets only.







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