Pit Boss Pellet Grill Fan Not Working?: 5 Reasons And 6 Solutions!

Pit Boss fan not working
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Imagine it’s a bright sunny day.

You are all out with your friends and family having a good time.

You’ve marinated your meat to make some juicy burgers.

Everyone’s mouth is getting watery just thinking about it.

You turn on your grill and suddenly notice that your Pit boss fan is not working.

All the wonderful experiences you were about to have will turn into complete nightmares!

So, what should you do when Pit boss fan not working?

Well, you have to check the blades of the fans for blockages.

These blockages interfere with the turning of the fan.

Also, make sure the unit is getting an adequate amount of power.

Keep reading for fixing this issue in detail.

How Long Does Pit Boss Fan Stay On?

This is a common question of many people who love to grill.

They often go into a frenzy when the fan runs for a long time.

But it’s not so important.

After shutting down the grill, the fan will keep on running for about 5 to 10 minutes.

This is completely natural.

There will be air around the fan.

The powered force will help the fan move for some time even after shutting down.

So, there’s nothing to panic about.

After you have wrapped up and shut down the Pit boss, just let the fan shut down on its own.

Why is My Pit Boss Fan Not Working?

Your Pit boss fan may not be working for a number of reasons.

Sometimes there are internal issues while other times there isn’t sufficient power.

So, without further ado, let’s check out why your Pit boss fan is not working.

Not shutting down Pit Boss properly

This happens mainly because of a lack of experience.

Remember a simple fact.

As long as the Pit boss is running, the fan will also keep on running.

Once you’ve shut down your grill only then it will turn off.

You can’t force to turn off the fan in the middle of cooking.

The fan will just keep on providing air to help in combustion.

Forcing it to shut down will do more harm than good.

So, if you are wondering why your fan is not working, it’s because the grill is probably still on.

Try shutting it down properly.

Grease and mold

Grease and mold are the number one enemy of your Pit boss.

They can infect literally every part of the grill. It doesn’t even spare the fan.

So, if you notice your fan is not working, it’s probably because there is excessive grease and mold stuck in the fan.

This mainly happens when you don’t clean your Pit boss fan from time to time.

Moisture keeps building up and causes the grease to coagulate.

Soon, it interrupts the normal function of the Pit boss fan.

Therefore, try to clean the fan every once in a while.

Wire issues

The Pit boss fan has tons of wires all cramped together.

Sometimes there can be an issue with some of the wires.

Maybe the wires are not connected or one of the wires is cut for some reason.

So, try to check the wire connections of the fan.

Most of the time they are the yellow ones. Check if they are okay or not.

Not using the fan for a long time

Suppose you love playing football. It’s your passion.

All you think about is football all day long.

Every morning you run to the field to practice for hours.

You aspire to be a great footballer one day.

But suddenly for some reason or bad luck, you stopped playing for a while.

You focus on something else.

After some period, when you will return to playing, you will notice that you can’t play that well.

You’ve lost all your skills.

This happens when you stop doing something for some time.

The same thing happens with Pit boss grill.

When it’s not used for a long time or is in a cold environment, the fan will stop working.

It will need a jumpstart to function again.

Bent Fan Bracket

The bracket is the outer wall of the fan that surrounds it.

Sometimes this fan bracket is bent.

This can hamper the overall function of the fan.

This may happen by handling the grill too roughly.

How to Fix Pit Boss Fan from Not Working?

Now that we’ve known the reasons behind the Pit boss fan not working, let’s focus on the fixes.

There are a couple of ways you can fix it.

If none of this works, try contacting the Pit boss customer care.

They have professionals who deal with this type of issue all the time.

They will fix the Pit boss fan in no time.

Shutting down properly

If you are noticing the fan is still moving after a 12-hour cook, then it’s normal.

The fan is supposed to move even after shutting down.

It will take 5 to ten minutes extra to stop turning completely.

But one thing you need to remember is that you need to shut down your Pit boss properly.

After cooking, set the grill to the minimum temperature. Then lift the lid of the grill.

The grill will slowly cool down while the fan will still move.

When the internal fan stops, you should turn off your grill. That’s it!

You don’t have to do anything else.

Let the induction fan shut down on its own. Don’t try to force it.

Also, make sure you don’t cover the grill right away.

After shutting down the grill, it will still be hot for some time. Wait for it to cool down.

Sufficient Power

To function properly, the Pit boss fan needs enough power.

When there is not adequate power reaching the fan, it will turn slowly or worse not turn at all.

Therefore, check the power system. See if the grill is receiving enough power to function properly.

Manually spinning the fan

As we’ve mentioned before, if you haven’t used the fan for a long time then it won’t work properly.

When the fan motor is not used or turned, it starts getting rusty.

Therefore, it needs a kickstart or powerup to run again.

So, you need to spin the fan manually.

Firstly, unplug the grill and remove the hopper access panel.

Check if it’s a normal smoker or a vertical smoker.

If your grill is a vertical smoker then you have to remove the fan housing.

After removing the hopper, try spinning the fan blades.

This will gradually make the blades smoother and will start spinning.

But this can happen again if you forget to use it from time to time.

For this case, use machine oil to make the motors spin smoothly.

You can also use WD-40.

Checking wire connections

One of the main issues of grill fan not working is because of wire issues So firstly check the wire connections.

You can check it from the control board.

You can access them by removing the hopper access panel.

After accessing it, try disconnecting it. Then reconnect again.

This will most likely get the fan running once again.

Cleaning the fan blades

You need to clean the fan blades every once in a while.

Otherwise, the blades will start getting rusty.

On top of that, grease can start stuck on them.

So, take a fresh cloth and try cleaning the fan thoroughly. Clean it on both sides. You can use vinegar or other sorts of detergent to get a nice polish.

Fixing Bent Blades

If you encounter serious issues like bent blades then try taking your grill to the Pit boss customer care.

Believe us, no matter how much of a good engineer you are, doing it yourself will only bring harm.

So, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

How Do You Replace the Fan on a Pit Boss Pellet Grill?

Sometimes you just need to replace the fan entirely.

When the damage is too severe, it’s best to replace it than spend money on fixing it.

Replacing a new fan on a Pit boss pellet grill is pretty straightforward.

You just need to follow some basic steps.

Clipping zip ties

When you will remove the control panel, you will see tons of wires sticking out.

These wires are often zipped together.

Therefore, you can’t unplug them all from the main power source.

So, take a wire cutter or a scissor. Gently cut the zip ties to free the wires.

Make sure not to zip any wires. Each wire is crucial and cutting them can lead to immediate failure.

Removing the screws

Once you remove the zip ties, you have to take out the screws holding the fan in place.

There is a total of four screws on each side.

Take a screwdriver and remove the screws one by one.

You don’t have to apply too much pressure.

Just normal hand pressure is enough to remove the screws

Removing the fan

Now that screws are taken out, you can easily remove the fan.

Disconnect the Molex connectors and remove the fan from the place.

Connecting a new fan

After you’ve removed the old fan, it’s time to replace it with the new one.

You can just connect the new fan and reinstall it in reverse.

Start the grill and the fan will spin like a hurricane.

Why Does Pit Boss Fan Stays On or Won’t Shut Off?

There is only one principle you need to remember.

The fan will run as long the Pit boss grill is running.

As soon as you turn the grill on, the fan will start to work.

So, the fan stays on as long the grill is on. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about.

If you notice that the fan is staying on or won’t shut off then check the grill.

See if it’s shut down properly.

Always shut down the grill and let it rest for some time.

The fan will keep on spinning for a while and shut off automatically.

Also, if you notice that your fan is making loud squealing noises then contact Pit Boss customer support.

Grill fans shouldn’t make noises.

Final Thoughts

The Pit boss fan plays a crucial role in the cooking process.

It maintains the fire and airflow throughout the chamber.

When the air flows evenly, the food you cook gets tastier because of the moisture.

But when the fan stops working, no matter what recipe you apply, the food will taste bland.

So, make sure your fan is working perfectly.

With a working Pit boss fan, your food will taste like it’s made from heaven.







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