How to Install a Rec Tec Controller on a Pit Boss?: Rec Tec Meets Pit Boss!

How to Install a Rec Tec Controller on a Pit Boss?
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Rec Tec brings you a new technological wonder where you can monitor your grill by sitting anywhere in your house.

This can prevent you from standing near the grill for hours and shed gallons of sweat.

Having a standard grill in your house is fortunate for you if you are a grill person.

But having Wi-Fi grills can be lucky if your mobile device has the Rec Tec app installed.

You are just one tap away from maintaining the grill temperature and cooking your meal.

Cooking gets easier when you get used to Wi-Fi grills, and when you use the Rec Tec controller, you are already a pro in this game.

How to install a Rec Tec controller on a Pit Boss? It’s very easy!

To know the answer, let’s get through this article.

What is Rec Tec WiFi Controller?

It sounds amazing when you think about controlling your grill with Wi-Fi, right?

And guess what, you can do that. Rec Tec is here to make your dream come true!

Rec Tec Wi-Fi Controller is a device that can help you to go easy on yourself.

This app allows your portable device to monitor the grill on which you would put the Wi-Fi controller.

The Rec Tec Wi-fi controller sits on your grill, and its smooth WLAN connectivity network does the rest of the job.

Just one tap on the phone, and the power is in your hands.

Not all grills are suitable for the same kind of Wi-Fi controller.

Of course, different grills have different requirements.

I cannot assure you whether Rec Tec is a versatile platform or not, but I can guarantee you that if you try using it once, you will be satisfied.

Rec Tec Wi-fi panel is a new upgrade that might look a bit confusing at first, but you can install the controller easily inside your grill within 10 minutes.

You need to install the app on your mobile device to monitor the WLAN panel on your grill.

In this way, you can control your cooking, roasting, grilling, or even burning your food.

The magic is in your hands now!

If you are still curious about how to install a Rec Tec controller on a Pit Boss, be patient.

Let’s get to know about the PID controller on Pit Boss.

Does the Pit Boss Have a PID controller?

Proportional Integral Derivative. That’s PID for you!

PID controller is an electronic device used in electronic appliances to regulate temperature and other variables.

It is used in appliances so that you can get stable results.

Unlike a normal controller, the PID controller is exact.

Unlike the PID controller, an ordinary controller would not let your meal reach its desired temperature.

PID controller, again, beats the ordinary appliance even in predicting the external atmosphere.

For example, the PID controller is adaptive to its surroundings and can work according to atmospheric conditions, which means the speed and the temperature varies with the weather around you.

Yes, Pit Boss has upgraded their appliance and added a PID controller to make it more sophisticated.

Pit Boss Platinum Series wood pellet grills added Smoke IT PID controller in its bucket, which can be monitored using your mobile device.

Now, what can this PID controller do?

  • Uses Bluetooth
  • Monitors cooking
  • Precise temperature reading
  • Works fast
  • Reads atmosphere
  • Adaptive

If you go out of the old school zone and start using a PID controller, I guess you would be walking with the time now.

Which Pit Boss Grills Can Be Fitted With Rec Tec WiFi Controller?

Before I teach you how to install a Rec Tec controller on a Pit Boss, let me inform you which Pit Boss grills are the perfect medium for Rec Tec Wi-Fi Controllers.

Like I said before, not all grills are suitable for wi-fi controllers, and to know which appliances are suitable for it, read this a bit.

I have listed down a few top Pit Boss Grills that perfectly fit Rec Tec Wi-Fi Controllers.

Here they are:

Pit Boss Pro Series 1150 SMOKEiT

Having an advanced PID controller, Pit Boss Pro Series 1150 SMOKEiT Wood Pellet Grill, makes it easier for you to grill your food at a precise temperature and gives you the ability to monitor the meat probes.

This technological upgrade allows the Rec Tec Wi-Fi Controller to sit in the pellet grill, and all you have to do is now connect the controller with your portable Bluetooth device.

Pit Boss Austin XL

This Pit Boss Austin XL is affordable wood pellet can be used as a medium to fit the Rec Tec Wi-Fi controller.

The LED control of this grill starts and shuts down the grill automatically.

Pit Boss Pro Series 850 SMOKEiT

Pit Boss Pro Series 850 SMOKEiT now is available with a Bluetooth feature that connects with your mobile and lets you control your grill through your phone.

It is also one of the suitable grills for Rec Tec Wi-Fi Controllers.

Pit Boss Platinum 5 Series Brunswick

This grill, too, comes with SMOKE IT Technology which allows you to control your smoker via your phone.

You can also place a Rec Tec Wi-Fi controller here to regulate temperature and monitor the time through your mobile device again.

There are numerous Pit Boss grills to now install a Wi-Fi controller.

But the real question arises now, that is, how to install a Rec Tec controller on a Pit Boss.

Why to Install Rec Tec controller on Pit Boss? Do You Really Need This Modification?

If everything is working perfect for you with your Pit Boss controller and most important, you don’t care about having WiFi, then you don’t need to install Rec Tec controller on your pit Boss grill, no need for modification.

If you want WiFi capability to your Pit Boss grill, then you go for this modification. You can also notice some improvement after modification.

There is difference between a regular temp controller and a PID controller.

A regular controller come up with 2 modes, above the set point or below.

It will blow the fan and change the number of pellets it drops grounded on either being above or below the set point temp.

A PID controller consistently reads the temperature of the grill and blows the fan on and off to constantly adjust temp.

This maintains the temperature within +/-5 degrees most of the time.

Traditional controllers may see temp swings over or under by 30-40 sometimes 50+ degrees in specific conditions.

Another issue with PID controller is maintaining the constant temperature. For maintaining constant temperature using PID controller is lack of smoke.

In this case, WiFi controller is the best option.

I would say installing Rec tec controller is worth all the way as it holds a temperature a lot better than PID controller.

The amount of pellet usage is almost half and temperature caliberation is so much easier.

How to Install a Rec Tec Controller on a Pit Boss?

You learned what a Rec Tec Wi-Fi Controller is, learned about the PID upgrade in a Pit Boss, and gathered enough knowledge about which Pit Boss grills can be used as a medium for Rec Tec Wi-Fi Controller.

Now, I will answer what I have been waiting to answer- how to install a Rec Tec Wi-Fi Controller on a Pit Boss.

Even though it might sound like a highly complex process, the technique is relatively easy.

Once you go through the steps, I will describe them now, and you will know the task is just a matter of a few minutes.

So, here are a few things you need to start the process:

  • You would need some screws and a screwdriver to install and uninstall the appliances.
  • You would need connectors
  • Piece of steel for a mounting plate
  • Grind or a cut off wheel on a grinder to cut a square of the metal plate

Now, let’s get to the process:

1. If you already have your standard controller installed in your Pit Boss grill, the very first thing you have to do is uninstall it so that you make a space for the new Wi-Fi controller to sit in.

2. Use the screwdriver to open the bottom of the grill where your old controller is and uninstall your old controller.

3. After disconnecting the old controller from the grill, you add connectors to the new one.

4. Once you have the new ones with you, cut a square from the metal plate with a grinder and place the controller tab on it.

5. Then put it inside the spot where your old controller was installed.

6. Then turn it on to see if it works.

7. Make sure you have the Rec Tec app installed on your mobile device.

Well, yes, this is it. These are steps you need to know how to install a Rec Tec controller on a Pit Boss.

Related Questions

Why there is temperature problem after installing a Rec Tec controller on Pit Boss pellet grill?

Some folks may face temperature issue after installing Rec Tec controller on pit boss as they are using a Pit boss temperature probe for the ambient temperature.

If you are facing such issue, get the Rec Tec Ambient temperature probe and install on Pit Boss grill.

Viola! Your problem will go away.

Do you have any issues with the Rec Tec controller producing smoke compared to the PID?

The Rec Tec WiFi controller does not produce as heavy smoke as PID controller but I still get amazing smoke flavor and more consistent temperature.

How does the Rec Tec controller work with the sear/flame mode in the pit boss grill? How high can you go with the Rec Tec controller?

Rec Tec controller works perfectly on Pit Boss grill. It goes same as high on Pit Boss.

Final Thoughts

I hope you have gathered enough information about Rec Tec WI-Fi controllers, Pit Boss grills, and how you can interconnect a Rec Tec controller on a Pit Boss grill.

So, now you can easily install Rec Tec controller on your Pit Boss grill without any hassle.


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