Why Did My Pit Boss Pellet Grill Catch Fire?

why did my pit boss catch fire
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Pit Boss pellet smokers are manufactured in China as a supplement of Dansons Inc., which was founded in 1999.

Pit Boss is best known for its affordable yet high-quality pellet grills.

Pellet grills have become one of the hottest trends on the BBQ and grilling scene in the smoking world.

Pellet grills are cookers used outside that mix components of charcoal-gas grills, smokers, and ovens. They use 100% hardwood pellets all- natural as a fuel source.

However, a Pit Boss catching fire may occur due to two main reasons.

The first and foremost reason is grease accumulated in your pit boss. As grease is flammable, if it comes into contact with flame or fire, definitely there is a fire hazard happens.

Another reason is wood pellets.

If there are too many pellets collected in the fire pot the fire may catch to your Pit boss grill.

If there is moisture trapped in pellets, the pellets may clump and it won’t feed into augur and fire pot.

But they are safe like other grills. They need the same amount of wit for operating as any fire-blowing machine your house may utilize.

Can Pellet Grill Catch Fire?

If you are wondering, can a pellet grill catch fire, then the simple answer is, ‘yes’.

The pellets grill can catch the fire.

As you know there are for cooking food, pellets are burned in a pellet grill.

There is fire involved in pellet grill cooking.

Hence there is fire involved in pellet grilling, there is a risk involved too.

One of the major reasons for fire hazards is grease in pellet grilling.

The grease is flammable and if it comes into contact with flame, no doubt, the fire hazard happens.

So, here we come up with the prevention of catching fire so that it won’t happen in the future.

The most important thing, you should go through the manufacturer’s manual before using the grill.


Why Does Pit Boss Pellet Grill Catch Fire?

The situation is unlikely, but Pit Bosses do catch fire.

There are some reasons behind such a terrible situation happening.

The top two reasons are that your Pit Boss smoker catches fire include grease fires and pellet fires.

There is something on your Smoker called a drip tray.

That is where all the surplus fats fall from your meats.

The Smoker is intended to keep flames far from this area.

However, if you are not properly cleaning the grease tray, the byproducts can become quite substantial.

With your Pit Boss, you are using pellets to get a serious flow of smoke going.

To get those pellets properly, you have to take care of the fire.

You have a pellet hopper that gradually feeds your pellets to a flame in the firepot that empowers you to smoke very evenly for a long time.

When there is no fire in the firepot, the pellets can keep on taking care of that area.

When this occurs, an overflow happens. This overflow implies that a lot of pellets in the firepot have not been burned.

These unburned pellets have a place in the pellet container.

When all of those excess pellets ignite, there is too much for your Smoker to handle, and a fire is kindled in and around the firepot.

Make sure you are the pellets are in good condition and dry that are free from moisture as if moisture gets trapped in pellets, it leads to pellet clumps and won’t feed properly to the augur and fire pot.


What to Do If  Your Pit Boss Catches Fire?

It’s unlikely for a Pit Boss pellet grill to catch fire.

But unfortunately, if your Pit Boss does catch fire, you can follow these steps given below:

Stay Cool While Your Smoker Heats Up

Try to stay cool and remain calm.

A calm grill master who can keep cool when fire catches can handle the situation with ease.

Unplug the Pit Boss

If you see or suspect a fire, you will first have to approach it safely and then unplug the Pit Boss as fast as possible.

Stop the oxygen supply

Fire requires oxygen, and with more oxygen, the flame is larger.

So if you can safely reach the Pit Boss, close the lid to stop the oxygen supply as soon as possible.

Do not use water

Never pour water on Pit Boss pellet grill fires. It will just make things worse.

If you pour water on it, your Pit Boss will get wet and the pellet will become useless.

Because when they dry, they become powder.

Smother the fire

If needed, smother the fire with salt or baking soda. Baking soda discharges Carbon dioxide and the salt draws warmth off the fire, that helps to put out a fire quickly.

It can take a huge amount of baking soda or salt to do so.

Place the Smoker Away from Potential Fire Hazards

First of all, your Pit Boss pellet grill should never be placed near where there are many fire hazards around.

Instead, it should be placed in an open space where there is room for airflow and away from flammable things.

If you find your Pit Boss catching fire near any flammable items, either move the item or push the Pit Boss.


How to Prevent Pit Boss from Catching Fire?

Prevention is better than cure.

So you should always know how to prevent the disaster from occurring again.

There are plenty of suggestions that can prevent Pit Boss from catching fire in the first place.

Keep your Pit Boss pellet clean

One of the major reasons for your Pit Boss catching fire is excessive oil and grease.

So clean your Pit Boss regularly after every use to avoid such incidents.

Avoid using excessive heat without sufficient management

It is essential to monitor your Pit Boss for effective cooking.

Make sure to monitor the flames and internal temperature to guarantee safety for your continued use.

Keep the lid of your Pit Boss closed when possible

Unless your recipe requires it, you will want to keep the lid closed.

That way, you can prevent too much oxygen from entering the Smoker.

It will help to prevent fires and to maintain the smokiness of your meat.

Do not place the Pit Boss near hazardous materials

As mentioned before, you do not want your Smoker to be placed near flammable materials in the first place.

Make sure to move all unnecessary components away from the Smoker- especially while it is in action.

Doing so can help to prevent accidental flames from catching the Pit Boss on fire.

Are Pellet Grills Safe?

Definitely, pellet grills are safe.

They are safe to use like other types of grills.

It totally depends upon how you use it.

Though there is fire involved, if you’re following the safety precautions whenever using your pellet grill, it is totally safe to use.

While cooking with a pellet grill, you should note, the fatty meat leads to more grease so that more fire.

So, you should give pay attention to the grease collected in your pellet grill.

Make sure cleaning of the grease from time to time.

Follow the precautionary steps mentioned above so that it prevents fire hazards.


Final Thoughts

Those of you who are addicted to the smoking world would know the beauty of Pit Boss pellet grill.

Barbecuing is a form of pleasure, which is relaxing and casual.

Meals can be entirely cooked outside, and this is where the expert Pit Boss comes in.

With the proper set-up and maintenance, this Pit Boss pellet grill will provide you with years of cooking enjoyment.

But if you find that your Pit Boss pellet grill can catch fire, you’ll be highly concerned.

Fortunately, there are many ways to solve the problem if this happens and prevent that from occurring again.

In this article, we have tried to help you by pointing out some possible reasons of Pit Boss catching fire.

And we have suggested some feasible solutions for that too.


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