Why is My Pit Boss Pellet Grill Temperature Blinking?- 6 Solutions to Fix it!

Pit Boss pellet grill temperature blinking
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“Why do Pit Boss pellet grill temperature blinking happen?”

This is one question that has perplexed and frustrated many Barbeque lovers.

The answer to the same query is quite simple.

When Pit boss blinks the temperature, it indicates that the corresponding ambient temperature has dropped too low.

Your pit boss pellet grill flashing the temperature on two settings – SMOKE mode and COOK mode.

If Pit boss grill Temperature starts flashing at SMOKE mode, this indicates the temperature is dropped below the 110°F.

If Grill Temperature begins flashing at COOK mode, it means the temperature is less than 150°F.

In both cases, flashing temperature indicates, there is a risk of flame going out.

This particular feature of this device has made it quite popular among barbeque lovers.

It helps in coordinating cooking tasks.

Here we will take a look in detail at this Pit boss feature.


About Pit Boss Temperature Monitoring System

The temperature monitoring system of this device has also undergone several improvements over the years.

It is one simple unit that contains a computer, an LCD screen, an antenna, a battery, and a microprocessor.

When one switch is turned on, the LCD will start to monitor the current temperature.

The other switches will change the unit’s settings so that it can be used as one single unit or can be switched to various modes.

There are three modes of operation: the regular operation, which is the normal blinks that indicate when the barbeque is ready.

In this mode, it only blinks when the barbeque has reached the correct temperature.

It can even blink a few times before it finally gets to the desired high temperature.

The other two modes are used for extra conveniences, such as seeing what the current temperature is.

There are lots of features that you can find in this barbeque grill.

Apart from the regular Pit Boss pellet grill temperature blinking, which tells you that the barbeque is ready, you can also find other auto-repeat functions, which will keep track of how long the barbeque is being cooked.

It can automatically cook for the same number of minutes each time.

You can also get to set the timer to cook for a specific number of hours.

Some models have an option to cook the food at a higher temperature.

This unit comes with a meat probe used to measure how much the meat is cooked through the element.

This feature allows you to calculate the amount of food that you need to prepare.

You can use the timer function to control the amount of time your food will be cooked based on the grill’s temperature.


Why is My Pit Boss Temp Blinking?

As soon as the LCD screen is flashing, it indicates that the corresponding ambient temperature has dropped too low.

Your pit boss pellet grill flashing the temperature on two settings – SMOKE mode and COOK mode.

1.Temperature Flashing at SMOKE mode

Pit boss smoke setting is 170° F—225 ° F.

When you set the temperature in the smoke position, the LCD displays the current actual grill temperature.

When the start-up process complete, the augur delivers the pellets at a constant rate as per the smoke setting.

If Grill Temperature starts flashing at SMOKE mode, this indicates the temperature is below 110°F, and the fire is at risk of going out.

2.Temperature Flashing at COOK mode

Pit boss also may blink temperature at COOK mode.

The COOK setting on pit boss is 225 ° F – 500°F.

On COOK mode the temperature Dial is set at any of the 7 Temperatures or HIGH position

When you set the dial at COOK mode, the LCD screen will display the current “ACTUAL” grill temperature.

Once the Start-Up process is complete, the Auger delivers fuel at a constant rate determined by the Smoke Control.

The Default Smoke Setting is P. 3.

If Grill Temperature begins flashing at COOK mode, it means the temperature is less the 150°F.

Also, there is a risk of fire going out.

When the Grill Temperature is set at greater than 615°F, a flashing “ErH” is displayed. This indicates that a high limit error and the grill will shut down.


How to Fix Pit Boss Pellet Grill That Blinks the Temperature?

As soon as the Pit Boss pellet grill temperature blinking begins to happen, you need to turn off the grill, as well as the electrical connection.

Then, wait for 20 seconds and turn on the electrical connection to restart the control board and the auger motor.

This is the quick fix to solve this issue.

Even though after restarting if temperature blinks, it means you need to fix the issue in other ways.

If your Pit Boss flashing the temperature it means this is not an error. It is just an effect of the grill.

It means there is some risk that the fire could go out.

This amazing feature is also very useful for chef getting to alert about your Pit boss flame out.

However, you can fix this by following ways:


Check the hopper

If you notice that your Pit boss is blinking temperature, just look inside the hopper.

Check the hopper and make sure there are sufficient pellets in the hopper.

Refill the pellets in the hopper if needed.

Sometimes there is an obstruction in the feed system. If you find any such obstruction you need to fix it.

a. The Pit boss hopper has a user-friendly clean-out feature for easy cleaning and change the pellets.

To make it empty locate the plate and cover of the drop chute on the back of the hopper.

Keep a clean pail under the drop chute cover and remove the cover piece.

Unscrew the plate and slide outwards. In this way, pellets will empty.

You can use a long-handled brush to remove excess pellets, sawdust, and debris for a complete clean-out through the hopper screen.

The shop-vac also works best for this job.


Check grill temperature probe

If your Pit boss is blinking the temperature, you need to check the temperature and make sure it is clean and no grease and build-up accumulated over it.

If the grill temperature probe is dirty, you should clean it thoroughly.

As per Pit Boss, you need to clean the probe after every 2 to 3 grilling sessions.

You can clean it with a scrub pad and soapy water.

You should not fold the probe wire as it could damage the probe.

The probe wire should be rolled up in a large or loose coil.

Don’t place the probe in the dishwasher or don’t submerge in the water.

The water damages the internal wires of the probe.

This may cause false temperature readings.

If you found your Pit Boss probe damaged, you need to replace it with a new one.


Adjust P setting

When the temperature dial is set on either SMOKE or HIGH.

The grill is unable to reach your desired set temperature.

It happens due to ambient temperature, humidity, wind conditions, fuel type and quality, thermal characteristics of the grill.

In this case, adjusting the “P” SETTING may help.


Check burn pot

If Pit boss blinks temperature, you should check burn pot.

You need to check if there is excess ash build up or any obstruction in the burn pot.

Pit boss recommends cleaning your fire pot after every 2 to 3 grill sessions.

It will ensure the right ignition and also prevents any hard build-up of debris or ash in the fire pot.

You can clean excess debris with a Shop vac.

So, cleaning the burn pot is essential after few cooking sessions on the grill.


Ensure induction fan is working properly

Checking the induction fan also an essential aspect.

Make sure the fan is working properly. The fan should operate at the right speed and there is no blockage in the air intake.

If the fan gets dirty, you need to clean it properly.

You also need to clean grease build-up for sufficient air flow in the feed system.

For this, check the fan located on the bottom of the hopper.

Clean the debris from the fan air intake vent.

You need to remove the hopper access panel. Wipe off any grease build-up on the fan blades. This ensures sufficient airflow to the feed system.


Check auger motor to confirm the operation

You should check the auger motor and make sure it is working precisely.

There should not any blockage in the augur tube.

Check the auger speed, whether it is operating at the right speed.

If they are moving slowly, it means the fire is not receiving the right amount of fuel (pellets).


Pit Boss Flashing Dots and Its Fix

 As you get to see flashing dots appearing on the LCD screen, it implies that the grill’s igniter is turned on.

As soon as the Pit Boss pellet grill problems disappear, it proves to be extremely easy to use.

It shows that the unit is working all-well.

This system takes no time to prepare meals.

For busy families who need to get their grills and firewood fired up in a matter of minutes, the system can be programmed to come on and automatically adjust the time it takes to heat the fire.

When the pellets are ready, it just clicks off and bakes away.

With an adjustable timer, the cook can set the time for the meal they want.

The reason why this system is so great is that it is so easy to use.

One of the prime factors that make this system so good is that it can be adjusted to various settings.

You can change the time it takes to heat the fire-based upon the size of the meals you want to be cooked.

If you do cook a lot of meat, then you can program it so that the pellets don’t sit around too long without being used.

With this feature, you can get sure that the food will be cooked just right every single time.


Final Thoughts

Pit boss pellet grill has been tested by consumers and received positive feedback.

It is recommended for professional grillers and people who like to do their backyard barbecues. It is one of the best units that have great construction which is durable and rugged.

If your Pit boss temperature blinks, there is no need to worry. You can fix it easily by above-mentioned ways.

If you are looking for a high-quality & efficient unit, this is a great investment that you should consider.



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