What Does ‘ErR’ Error Code Mean on a Pit Boss Pellet Grill? How to Fix It?

Pit Boss error code err
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Pit Boss Grilling and smoking technology give you an awesome barbeque experience like no other!

You don’t need babysitting while cooking on your Pit Boss grill, you just have to set and Forget it!

The function of each part is pre-programmed for delivering the best results.

Sometimes you may experience malfunction on your Pit boss pellet grill.

Like you may find your Pit boss suddenly popping up the “ErR” error code.

Then you may wonder what does mean Err error code on pit boss? How to fix it?

You may experience this malfunction because of various reasons.

However, following the right troubleshooting process can fix all error codes.

If you are experiencing the err error code with your Pit Boss, then don’t worry.

Your Pit boss is showing the ErR error code it means there is something wrong with the temperature probe.

The temperature probe wire is not making a connection.

ErR error also means the temperature probe is dirty or damaged.

If it is dirty, you have to clean it the right way.

If it gets damaged you need to replace it with a new one.

Here we will share the best Pit Boss troubleshooting tips that are easy to follow.

What Does Mean ErR Error Code on Pit Boss Pellet Grill?

If you find the ErR error code pops up on your Pit Boss pellet grill, then you may wonder, what does Err error code on my pit boss?

If you find the ErR error on your Pit Boss, then it means Temperature Probe Wire Not Making Connection.

Sometimes it may show because of a dirty or damaged temperature probe.

ErR code means there is something wrong with the temperature probe or its connection.

So, you should check the temperature probe and its connection.


How to Fix ErR Error Code on Pit Boss Pellet Grill?

If you find ErR error code on Pit Boss grill, you can fix it by following ways:

Check temperature probe connection

If Pit Boss showing up ErR error code on its screen, then it’s mostly because of an inaccurate probe connection.

You should check the temperature probe, whether it is connected properly to the control board.

For this, you need to access the electrical component located on the base of the unit.

Then check if there any damage to the temperature probe wires.

Make sure the temperature Probe spade connectors are firmly connected and correctly, to the Control Board.

If the temperature probe is damaged, then you have to replace it with a new one.


Clean the temperature probe

The temperature probe should be clean otherwise dirty probe won’t work precisely.

You need to check whether the probe is properly clean or carbon accumulated on it.

Just a few microns of residue will not change the way an RTD will sense temperature.

But if there is a lot of carbon accumulation on the RTD probe it may show the wrong results.

So, it is important to clean and maintain the RTD probe for the right operation of the grill.

Also, check it is not bent and touches the side of the grill.

If you find the probe dirty, you need to clean it the right way.

Pit Boss recommends cleaning temperature probe after every 2 to 3 grilling sessions.

You can clean the probe with a scrub pad and soapy water.


Try to plug-in the unit directly into a wall outlet

If you are using an extension cord for a plug-in pit boss pellet grill, then the extension cord may be the reason for ErR error.

Sometimes extension cord not able to handle the unit properly and the unit throw the ErR error code.

So, it is always a better option to connect your Pit boss directly into the wall outlet.


Try unplugging the grill

Sometimes quick fixes work just wonder!

If the Pit Boss pellet grill showing err error code, just unplug the grill for 30 minutes.

If there is any fuzzy logic in the controller, this may help to clear it.

Then again plug into the outlet.


How to Test If The RTD Temperature Sensor Is Bad/ Faulty?

Before going to know, how to test the RTD probe, we will discuss in brief what an RTD temperature sensor is? And why they get faulty?

Here RTD means for Resistance Temperature Detector.

The RTD probe comes in different designs but it works on the same principle that uses fine wire.

RTD sensors and quite accurate but they are very fragile in nature.

So, they will operate for many years in other stoves like boiler or pellet stove but may not work that much longer in a pellet grill.

Pellet grills are generally shifted around and you need to be careful while doing so.

Because the RTD probe is warm and the fine wire can easily break while moving it.

Now you need to clean it thoroughly and feed quality pellets in the grill hopper.

You have to check the RTD sensor temperature with another temperature sensor.

Thanks to the built-in analogue temperature dial on Pit Boss. This makes our job easier!

Pit boss pellet grill has analogue temperature dial built into the grill lid.

For testing the RTD probe, you have to check the internal temperature on the analogue dial. Compare both the temperatures that show up on the analogue dial and RTD sensor.

But there are variations on the analogue dial and RTD sensor reading as the analogue dial is far higher than the cooking grate.

For a more accurate temperature comparison, you can use a heat gun. This heat gun will show you an accurate temperature.

It measures surface temperature ranging from -58℉ to 1382℉/ -50℃ to 750℃ with using infrared technology.

You can directly aim the heat gun at the RTD temperature sensor. you can expect very few degrees variations between the RTD sensor and heat gun.

If there are high variations you need to replace the RTD sensor with a new one.

With the heat gun directly aimed at the RTD temperature sensor, you should expect to see the results between the heat gun and the digital readout within a few degrees of each other.

If that’s not the case, the RTD sensor is faulty.

How to Replace Pit Boss RTD Probe?

If you got the ErR error on your pit boss, in some cases your RTD probe is faulty and you need to replace it with a new one.

Let’s get to know how to remove the old RTD sensor and replace it with a new one.

For this, you need to remove the grill hopper. Clip the zip ties.

Now you need to remove the RTD wires from the controller.

For this, you just have to lose two flathead screws that hold the wires in its place.

You have to give a slight turn to the wires and wires will come out easily.

Then you have to remove the screws holding the RTD plate located at the back of the grill.

Remove the screws on the plate located over the RTD probe and the plate will come off.

Then you have to remove the screws and nuts that hold the RTD probe in its place.

Once you remove these screws and nuts, then pull out the RTD probe and wires of RTD.

Installing the new probe on Pit Boss is simply a reversal of this process.


Final Thoughts

Now you know how to fix the ErR code on the Pit Boss pellet grill

If your Pit boss shows ErR error code, it means there is something problem with a temperature probe. Sometimes temperature probe is not connected precisely to the control board.

In some cases, due to a dirty or damaged temperature probe ErR error code pops up.

If the probe has dirt or carbon accumulated over it, a thorough cleaning will help.

If it gets damaged replace it with a new one.

So, if you find the ErR error code on your Pit boss, don’t worry.

You can fix it easily in the above-mentioned ways.







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