Pit Boss Error Code ErL or Er1: Should You Throw Away Your Pellet Grill?

Pit Boss error Code Erl or Er1
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You feel the pleasant gush of wind and decide to enjoy the bright weather with some grilled ribs.

I believe cooking to be an art and proper seasoning requires effort.

As your seasoned meat awaits, you’re shown the annoying Pit Boss Error Code ErL!

Excitement all gone? I feel you.

So, stressing on how to fix ErL error code?

Worry not!

You may immediately call the super-friendly customer service and also shoot them an email.

While you wait for your solution to arrive, you may watch some YouTube videos to fix any malfunction in the temperature probe or controller.

Or, just read some super informative threads on how to fix the Pit Boss ErL error code.

Keep Reading further to know more about Pit Boss error code erl.

What is Pit Boss Erl or Er1 Error Code?: All You Need to Know!

This pesky little error is nothing but a temperature malfunction.

Maintaining the perfect temperature can get very tricky.

Extreme low temperatures directly affect the smoker of the pit boss that pops the ErL error code.

The Pit Boss ErL error code (also addressed as Er1 error code by some) specifically occurs due to some wiring issues in the probe.

I personally think that most electrical devices are very sensitive to any minute changes.

So, any misconnection between the probe and controller results in the Pit Boss ErL error code.

Why do these two components have to maintain such a relationship you wonder?

Well, the probe is like a watchdog of your pit boss grill that senses the temperature.

The makers set a pre-defined temperature of the pit boss.

If the sensed temperature deviates from the setpoint, the controller automatically tries to regulate your device.

But the controller and probe don’t deserve all the blame to be honest.

This heat error can also occur if you have kept your grill’s temperature too low or you’re the misfortune with a bad internal thermometer.

Fixing The Erl Error Code

If you see the Pit Boss ErL error code, get your meat out before spoiling them and embrace the bad day.

Unplug the grill from the electricity source and then clean before you start examining the Pit boss.

You can start by reading the instruction manual that provides a commendable guide to any troubleshooting.

This site will also give details about the Pit Boss temperature control system.

You will find detailed explanations with pictures and labeling that will help you identify the initial problems.

Well, there can be no harm in believing in the motto “Knowledge is Power”!

Start by taking off the rear panel from the pellet hopper.

You would need to unscrew about 15 screws.

If you find any trace of moisture in the pellets, it can be the prime reason for any blockage in the feed placed right above the auger.

Easy solution– just remove the dampened pellets and replace them with new dry pellets.

However, it’s tricky to identify as the damp pellets won’t cause any temperature changes but will still make your grill malfunction.

You don’t have to run from store to store to find the perfect replacement kit.

You can find a complete package of the grill kit here.

If you haven’t come across any similar problem after dismantling your Pit Boss grill, you need to check for any damage to the temperature probe wires.

If your patient self has read to this point of the article, you must be aware of the importance of both the temperature probe and the controller.

Where To Get Help to Fix Pit Boss Erl or ER1 Error Code?

If you are unable to resolve the ErL error code issue all by yourself, no need to linger in self-doubt even for a second.

These errors are very common and you are not alone!

You will find plenty of help only if you know what to look for in the right places.

Look for replacement kits on amazon

Since the main problem of the ErL code is due to temperature troubleshooting, you may start by looking for an appropriate replacement for your temperature probe.

You can find a range of replacement kits and probes at affordable rates only on Amazon.

My personal favorite is the wooden pallets which guarantee being made from completely natural premium oak.

The secreted natural juices from these pellets will give you a very authentic taste of your grill giving the perfect burn to your meat!

I would recommend trying all the options of the pellets in turns.

If you want a complete set of all the replacement parts and want to save it for a rainy day then you may think about ordering a digital replacement kit.

 WADEO replacement parts for Pit Boss Grill is extremely user friendly as it comes with an LCD display, helping you to monitor the exact cooking temperature.

 Reach out to the amicable customer support

If your grill shows an error within the warranty period, reaching out to customer service should be your first thought.

Pit Boss has outlined a detailed return and cancellation policy.

Unlike a lot of famous brands, they stick to their promise and are known for maintaining years of integrity.

You can send them a detailed email.

The problem is they sometimes take about a week to reply to you with an effective solution.

But I can ensure you that you will receive help.

Email at: service@pitboss-grills.com

They usually send a brand-new control board for the ErL error code.

If you want to receive prompt service, then you may try calling them directly.

If you like me, is more accustomed to texting and avoid phone calls at all cost, you might find this solution annoying.

But I guess we have to adjust at some point!

The representative will walk you through the entire process and may ask you to make some changes in the Pit Boss, such as adjusting the temperature.

If you’re lucky, the error code will vanish, if not, you will receive an overnight solution from their end.

Phone Number: 877-942-2246

Phone Hours: 6am-8pm PST (Pacific Standard Time), 7 days a week

If you are reluctant to wait, you can order a replacement by yourself from Amazon and save the one sent from Pit Boss as a backup.

 Do your own research -read forums

The Pit Boss Forums are highly engaging chat threads.

You will get effective solutions from very friendly real people who faced similar troubles with the ErL error.

What fascinated me the most is the general users’ curiosity?

The number of details that you can find in these discussion threads is very surprising.

I find us homosapiens to be very extraordinary and these people proved me right.

They dismantle and examine the Pit Boss completely and answer all your queries patiently.

Pit boss itself can learn a lot about their own products from these forums!

 Visual Solution: YouTube

Are you tired of reading and don’t have the tolerance to go through all those forums?

If yes, you can check out the various videos on YouTube that will walk you through fixing the ErL error code.

You can have a visual representation guide.

Just watch, pause and apply!

Trust me in the end, if you can pull off to get rid of the error code, you will feel no less than an engineer.

Embrace that no-degree intellectual feeling for a day!

You can check it out here on my personal favorite YouTube  guide.

Can You Prevent Erl Error Code?

Maintaining electronic devices is hard in itself.

Pit Boss grills have additional technicalities since it is related to cooking.

The exact reason behind this ErL or Er1 code is yet to be unraveled.

A few months old users had to endure this troubling experience while some other users never faced ErL or Er1 codes in their life.

Mysterious much?

No, I am not indicating anything supernatural!

But yes, I feel the unfortunates who had to encounter this disturbing error.

I think mass production may lead to lenient quality control.

Management becomes tough and these little errors should be overlooked if you’re getting all the necessary help from Pit Boss itself.

So, it is very difficult to control something that is unprecedented.

However, I have one suggestion for you.

Try to control the temperature and smoke of the smoker.

Since the ErL code indicates low temperature, it occurs when there is a low flame in your grill.

Maintain the smoker as a precaution.

There’s no guarantee that you will prevent the Pit Boss ErL error from happening.

Concluding Remarks

In order to find the perfect solution to any problem, try to understand the depth of it first.

Er1 or ErL code should be treated as a red signal.

Seek the right kind of help immediately!







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