Why Is My Pit Boss Keeps Tripping Breaker? No More Worries, It Is all Sorted!

Pit Boss keeps tripping breaker
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Pit boss grill is a great tool for outdoor cooking.

However, how devastating would you feel when your pit boss keeps tripping breakers?

You would feel annoying!

So, what are the causes of this and what are the ways to fix these?

One of the main reasons could be the blowing of the fuse.

Significantly, the main reasons for the blowing of fuse are a problem with the home’s circuit, and issues with the fan, auger, and igniter.

Also, there are several causes for the pit to shut down.

Importantly, the ways to fix these issues are to well maintain and replace the components when needed.

Main Causes for Pit Boss Tripping Breaker

Does Your Pit Boss Keep Tripping the Breaker? Keep an Eye on the Causes of It!

Issues with the fuse

The main reason for this is when your tool’s fuse gets blown away.

This means that the amp load has been overloaded.

In simplified words, it means a short circuit that takes place in the wire.

You have to notice whether this happens at the beginning of using the pit boss.

If this happens, then it might have occurred because of the hot rod resulting in high amps, overall causing the fuse to blow away.

There are usually three essential components.

If any of these take up more power than usual, then it might give rise to the fuse being blown away.

Moreover, there are four main reasons for the blowing of the fuse that results in the pit boss keeps tripping breakers.

Home’s circuit breaker

There might be problems with your home’s circuit breaker.

This occurs very less often.

However, this incident happens if your house goes under loss of power in some of the areas rather than in the entire house.


A fan is a significant component of the fuse box.

This is one of the three elements which is attached to the fuse box.

This is attached through a yellow wire.

This requires a specific amount of power driving the startup period.

So, if the power is more than that, then this component trips and causes the fuse to blow out.

Is your Pit Boss Fan Not Working? Find out Here Reasons and Solutions!

Auger and feed system

The next vital component is the auger and feed system.

This is fastened with the red wire in the fuse box.

Initially, the hot rod requires around 3000 watts to activate and ignite.

Also, to provide pellets in the fuse box.

Once it starts, then it works and draws approximately 50 watts.

Thus, if the auger uses more power than the designated amount, then the fuses get blown away.

In addition, if your fuse gets old, then also there might be chances for such happenings.


Moreover, the igniter is another important part of the fuse box.

This is connected through the purple wire.

It has been stated that igniter is usually the main cause of the pit boss keeps tripping breakers.

Another problem is when your pit boss would keep on shutting down.

The factors are explained below:


It is suggested to use pellets made of natural woods.

Instead, if you use the cheap pellets then those might wear out very soon and disrupt the system.

Though you might think that purchasing the cheap pellets would benefit you in saving money, in the long run, it would backfire your benefits.

You should also monitor the condition in which you are storing your pellets.

If you are storing them for a very long period, then those might absorb humidity.

As a result, it might be of no use anymore.


Loss of electricity is another issue.

If there have been ups and downs and flickering of power, then it can negatively affect your grill.

Also, it might result in the pit boss keeps tripping breakers or completely shut down.

Outlet being bad and the electrical cords

One of the most overlooked reasons is the outlet being bad or the electricals cord.

If you notice that your outlet or the cords are disrupting, then it is time to change those.

Also, you should make sure that your electrical cord is in good condition.

Otherwise, it might hamper the mechanism.

Weather conditions

Moving further, the external weather conditions play a great role in shaping up the functioning of the mechanism.

You need to store your tool in protecting it from rain, wind, cold temperature, or excess hot temperature.

Design of hopper

The design of the hopper also creates an impact on the pit grill.

If you cook on your pit grill for a long time, then void might form on it.

There are multiple pellets in the hopper.

However, if void forms, then it prevents the pellets from connecting with the auger.

Overall, these are some of the reasons why the pit boss keeps tripping the breaker or to shut down.

Fixes For Pit Boss Tripping Breaker

Are you tired of getting annoyed with your pit boss pellet grill that keeps tripping breaker?

Excited to know about the ways to fix these issues? Here it goes!

No more worrying now, look into the solutions here!

Let’s fix the fuse

The very first concern is the blowing of fuse in your pit grill’s fuse box.

If you see that your fuse blows away, then the only best option is to replace it.

Initially, you need to unplug your pit grill from the power connection.

Next, you need to unscrew the screws from under the control board.

To get reach of the control board, there may be a need to cut some wires.

Then you will need to grab the control panel from the hopper.

Later you will need to take away the cover of the fuse box.

Then you see the inner view of the mechanism.

In case you see a gap in the wire or a dark spot in the glass, then you can simply get that the fuse is blown.

That is when you will have to take away the zip tie.

Now you are assured that the fuse is obsolete, so you can replace it with a new one.

Once you have successfully removed it, now put back the control panel to the hopper.

Also, keep on checking all three components very carefully and those are crucial elements.

Pellets will be fine

To tackle the issues of pellets, make sure you think about the long-term benefit and not just about saving money.

So, buy the pellets which are made of standard and natural wood.

Also, keep an eye on the condition of your pellets.

Store those in a cool and dry place and you will be able to store throe for around 6 months where the humidity is less.

If you do not maintain this, then it will result in the pit boss keeps tripping breakers or shut down.

Pit Boss BBQ Wood Pellets are best pellets for Pit Boss grill as they made of natural woods with no artificial flavors and chemicals.

These easy to use pellets taste really great which forces the natural juices in the wood to bind the pellets together.

So grab these pellets for smooth grilling with your Pit Boss.

Electricity problem solved

Furthermore, the fluctuations of electricity are not in your hand.

So, you should use a power surge to avoid hampers caused due to electricity flickering while you are cooking on your grill.

Apart from this, if you see that the temperature of your pit grill trickled down below 100ºF, then turn off your grill immediately.

This falling temperature maybe has caused due to fluctuations in the power of electricity.

What’s up with the weather

It is pretty clear that the outside temperature also creates a great impact on the usage of the grill.

When there is rain outdoor or the temperature is very cold, the grill might not be effective.

So, you need to keep that in mind when you plan a barbeque party and plan to do it outdoor!

Done with the outlet and electric cord

As, about the outlet being bad or the electrical cord being disruptive, it is important to find ways to fix this.

Your electrical cords and outlets would also last for some time after which you should replace them.

If you see that your smoker is being shut off very frequently then you can identify that your outlet is experiencing some problems.

So, you need to check it and if it is destroyed, then go and grab a new one!

Caution: Make sure you check your electrical cords so that they are running in good condition.

If the cord is damaged, then you have to get a new one too!

You can use this electrical cord for replacement of Pit Boss grill.

It is fully compatible with Pit Boss P7 Series.

This cord is waterproof constructed of healthy material.

It is easily spliced to thermostat leads with no tool needed.

The cord works with Pit Boss smoker very fine and it also matches first smoker probe.

So, now you have two in place when smoking.

But check the spade connector style before getting it.

Hope the hopper is great

Moving onto the design of the hopper, the issue is that cooking for a long time causes void to form on the pellets.

Therefore, to avoid this you should disperse the pellets using your hand so that the void gets no scope to appear.

These are some of the ways to solve certain issues.

Moreover, there are some general suggestions to keep your pit grill safe!

Make sure you keep your pit grill clean and dry.

Also, remember to exhaust the ashes in the fire pot before using your grills for cooking.

Try to use this tool often and avoid keeping it unused for a long period.

Wondering Why Your Pit Boss Keeps Going Out? Get to Know Why!

As discussed already the reasons being tripping and shutting off the pit grill often.

You need to keep an eye on your pellets as those are one of the important elements of the pit grill.

Using cheap and unauthentic pellets will cause interruption to your pit boss.

Moreover, the ‘P’ setting is one of the vital components of the pit boss.

However, many complain the latest version of ‘P’ settings does not have this.

This tool helps to determine the alterations of time between the operations of the auger.

So, to avoid any hindrance to your cooking while using the pit boss, make sure you get one that has a ‘P’ setting.

Additionally, you should keep on checking your igniter, fan, and auger.

These are significant components and should be checked and replaced when needed.

Each of these components plays an important role in keeping the fuse safe and working.

So, if one goes out, it disrupts the fuse system.

Final Thoughts

Overall, that was a detailed discussion of the causes and fixing ways of the issues that result in pit keeps tripping breakers.

It is a key factor to know about the causes of such occurrences.

Lastly, with the solutions, you can fix your pit boss grill and enjoy cooking on it!






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