Pit Boss Pellet Grill Auger Won’t Stop Running?: 4 Reasons And 6 Solutions

Pit Boss augur wont stop running
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A lovely sunny afternoon with a slow breeze blowing and a family gathering, won’t you enjoy some hot and fresh home-made BBQ?

Sure, doing BBQ can be much of a hassle, but having a pit boss auger grill can make the process much easier.

Many of these machines are not at all labor-intensive, like PIT BOSS PB440D2 Wood Pellet Grill.

With this one, you can enjoy your family time along with having a perfect wood-smoked flavor of your meat.

What more can you ask for?

However, not everything can be so easy-going, unfortunately.

Sometimes the pit boss auger grill won’t stop running, which may cause overflowing of the firepot.

Several reasons can cause the pit boss auger to not stop.

This may happen because of moist pellets, ash accumulation, or any wiring issue.

Sometimes grill not able to reach desired temperature this may also be the reason for augur wont stop running.

You can fix this issue by cleaning the grill chimney, temperature probe or other components inside the grill.

You need to protect your grill from extreme weather condition. Using dry and good conditioned pellets also helps to fix this issue.

We will discuss this issue and fixes in detail further in this article for your convenience.


What Is An Auger On Pellet Grill? How Does It Work?

Pellet grills, sometimes called pellet smokers, are open-air cookers that bring together the goodness of charcoal smokers, gas grills, and home ovens.

These are powered by finely cut wood pellets, which can be used to smoke, grill, and bake. These pellet grills are maintained by an electronic control panel that repeatedly feeds wood pellets to the fire, sets the airflow for the grill, and sustains a constant cooking environment.

It is all done with the help of a motor-driven auger that constantly feeds a set amount of pellets from the hopper to the firepot.

Therefore, these pallet grills do not require constant supervision as their appropriate temperatures can be set, and you can leave the rest up to the grill to do its job.


Why Pit Boss Pellet Grill Auger Won’t Stop Running?

Sometimes, the pit boss auger can create some problems for you, such as it may not stop running. Here are some reasons you might be facing this issue.


 Not keeping the pellets dry

You have to make sure that the wood pellets you have bought are stored in a cool, dry place.

They should be stored in a sealable package that creates a vacuum inside once the bag is closed.

This prevents any moisture from going inside the bag and keeps the pellets dry.

When the pellets are dry, the auger will heat up more quickly and be ignited for a longer time.

This will prevent it from constantly running to heat the pellets.


Not cleaning up the ashes

When you start using the grill, the first thing affected is the vacuum switch.

Typically, the vacuum switch functions alongside the power connected to the auger motor.

However, if the pit boss grill augur won’t stop running, it becomes clear that the stove’s chimney has not been cleaned for a long time.

It may be obstructed with ashes which might be the root cause of the problem.


Wiring issue

It is also possible that sometimes the auger motor inside the pellet grill comes with a long wire.

This wire may get stuck in between the different motor parts, causing its functions to alter.

This may lead to the pit boss pellet grill auger keeps running.

Since the auger cannot perform its task correctly, that is to heat the grill; it keeps on running.

This may also overheat the pellet grill auger and cause damage to the machine.


The grill does not heat up to the set temperature

Pit Boss pellet grill auger’s temperature problems are mainly because the burn pot doesn’t get the required amount of oxygen needed to maintain the set temperature.

This causes the pit boss pellet grill auger to keep running until the set temperature is achieved.

This can take place if the burn pot has some holes or is corrosive. So, you need to replace the burn pot with a new one.

Another reason can be the fan not working properly to circulate the heat uniformly in the pellet grill.


How to Fix Pit Boss Pallet Grill That Won’t Stop Running?

Don’t worry if your Pit Boss pallet grill won’t stop running; we have listed pro tips for you to get rid of the issue.

Clean the chimney

Take a clean and dry cotton cloth that can be inserted inside the chimney and wipe it off properly.

Also, look for any small particles or small pieces of ash that could be corrupting the chimney.


Reconnect vacuum switch

If you find any problem with the vacuum switch, try switching it off first and then connecting again.

For this, you can use a paper clip or any other type of metal item to avoid direct contact with your fingers.

After this, turn the power back on and check whether the pellet grill auger still keeps on running or not.

If it still does, there is some other problem, and the vacuum switch is most probably working fine.


Use dry and good conditioned pellets

The pellets can also be the leading cause of the pit boss pellet grill auger’s constant running.

They can be damp from picking up moisture from the environment and are not igniting properly, causing the pellet grill to keep running.

Using dry pallets and storing bought ones in a dry place is the right thing to do here. Even if you are keeping your pellets indoors, they can still catch moisture.

Therefore, it is best to buy a pellet storage container to stop moisture from damaging the pellets. This Pellet container comes with rugged, weatherproof design that keeps your pellets fresh, dry and always ready to pour.


Clean temperature probe

You can also look at the temperature probe of the pit boss pellet grill auger and wipe it off with a clean fabric to remove any residues that might be causing any hindrance.


Protect from weather condition

Another factor can be the weather conditions.

If the pellet grill is placed directly in the shining sun or not covered in the rainy season, it may cause functional problems and be the source of its constant running.

For protecting your grill from sunlight or rain, buying a rainproof canopy worth to consider.

This canopy roof is made from Rip Lock fabric. It is also UV treated, water resistant, CPAI-84 fire retardant so that keeps your grill safe in all weather.

Also, try to keep the cooking grates, tray, and thermometer clean from grease by cleaning them regularly.


Check thermometer

Lastly, you should keep a close check on the thermometer when you’re burning the wood pellets.

There might be fluctuations, and the temperature might reach the set temperature within a few minutes, posing a threat of overheating and causing harm to the pit boss pellet grill auger.

Get To Know Here How to Fix Pit Boss Error Code Er1 or Erl

How To Fix Pit Boss Auger Motor?

A pellet grill auger drive motor constantly makes the wood pellets move to the burn pot to ensure a smooth heating system.

However, sometimes the motor may become loose and may need fixing.

To achieve this, make sure the connections to the motor are tightly screwed.

Here is how to do this:

1.The first thing you need to make sure of is that the auger motor is unplugged and cool.

2. Next, to view the motor, you need to remove the hopper.

As the hopper also has a connection with the burner through the power cord, you need to place it on an elevated surface like a stool or a cardboard box.

3. Now you can see whether the auger screw head is tightly secured or loose.

If it appears to be tight, remove it to view the other set of screws.

4. Now check the only set of screws that are holding the auger motor in place.

5. Use a wise grip or a pipe wrench and turn it clockwise to tightly secure the set of screws.

Lastly, reassemble the other parts and see whether the motor works fine now.

You must also check whether the power is plugged in correctly for the motor to function properly without any fault.

If you are looking for a good option, Podoy Pellet Grill Auger Motor is an excellent example of a pellet grill motor that is compatible with most pit boss pellet grills.

It is a brilliant model for durability with the latest characteristics and increased reliability.









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