Is Your Pit Boss Pellet Grill Leaking Grease? Here’s a Fix!

Pit Boss grease leaking
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If you know about Pit Boss, you already visualize some top-tier pellet grills enhancing your BBQ backyard.

But not everything is perfect, right?

Even your Pit Boss top notch pellet grill can also cause dramatic chaos.

One of the dilemmas you might face is your Pit Boss leaking grease.

Since it is a major problem, you should know how you have to sort it out.

First, you have to find the cause behind your Pit Boss leaking grease, and then find the solutions.

So, is your Pit Boss leaking grease?

If yes, then you are in the right place to hunt for the solutions.

Then there are several reasons for occurring this issue such as non cleaning of grill regularly, weak installation of flame broiler, improper use of aluminum foil or grill is not placed on even surface.

There is another reason is drip bucket. If the drip bucket not installed properly or it is full leads to leaking grease from your grill.

Let’s dive into deeper the reasons and solutions of this issue.


Why is Pit Boss Pellet Grill Leaking Grease?: Causes

Even though the Pit Boss grill is designed in such a way that the debris will be collected in a drip bucket, the grease leak is still a factor to consider.

There are several issues that are the reasons behind your Pit Boss leaking grease. And I have noted down some issues you might face or the causes behind the grease leak.

No matter how much you adore your Pit Boss grill pellet, the grease leak is something that can be a bit frustrating even to a Pit Boss fan.

If you are a fancy person, you would want your Pit Boss grills and Pit Boss tools to look sophisticated.

So, here are things or causes that is making your Pit Boss leak grease:

Not cleaning the grill properly and regularly

If you find grease inside of the grill, that is due to your improper cleaning of the pellet.

A Pit Boss grill pellet should be cleaned after every 5 / 6 times you use it for cooking.

I mean, isn’t it obvious that if you don’t clean the dark debris from the bottom of the barrel, the food will pile up and form a clot and eventually build grease problems?

Yes, and also, if you don’t clean your grill even after this, it would cause airflow problems, leading to grease fires.

Weak installation of the flame broiler

If you don’t know what a frame broiler is, then know that a frame broiler is a protective plate that pushes grease to the grease bucket.

So, you can already guess that if you don’t place your frame broiler perfectly, there are higher chances that the grease won’t drip on the grease bucket; it will leak.

When you use a heavy-duty aluminum foil

Heavy-duty aluminum foil in the grill to wrap the frame broiler becomes a blockage for the grease to flow.

As you know, the frame broiler is designed to let the grease drip on the grease bucket.

When covered with heavy-duty foil, it becomes an obstacle for the frame broiler to function properly.

Drip bucket not installed properly

The Pit Boss pellet grill having a drip bucket to collect your cooking grease from the grill.

Make sure the bucket is attached properly, otherwise, it won’t catch the grease.

When grease bucket not attached precisely, it can fall off simply when removing the cover.

So, make it a habit to check it before every cook, otherwise, it leads to grease stains on the patio.

Your Pit Boss grease drip bucket is full

You need to be cautious about whether your grease bucket is full or not because if it is full, there are chances the grease might leak.

Pit Boss has added buckets that can be replaced when full to avoid grease leakage.

After this, the entire responsibility falls on you.

You need to check manually whether the grease bucket is full or not to prevent unnecessary grease leakage.

Placing the grill on an unstable surface

Unstable surfaces can cause a fire because the grill might roll to a different position and cause some grill leakage.

It is safe to use it on a concrete pad or a stable surface where your grill can sit firmly.

So, these are the things that might be the reason behind your Pit Boss leaking grease.

If your problem does not fall in any of the following criteria, there is a problem with either the barrel design or your Pit Boss model.

But above all these problems, the most common problem is a dirty barrel.

A dirty barrel is usually the main cause behind your grill not operating properly.

Pit Boss is a company that produces top tier sophisticated pellet grills, but the cleaning responsibility is yours as long as you own the ownership of the grill.

If your grill is clean, there are fewer top-tier chances of grease leakage.

Since you already know the causes behind your Pit Boss leaking grease, it is time to understand how to fix these problems or what other advanced solutions to help the unwanted grease flow.

Why is Pit Boss Pellet Grill Leaking Grease?: Fixes

I understand that you face problems with your pellet grills, but you have solutions right under your hands.

I have listed down some of the points that can help you de-grease your Pit Boss pellet grill.

First, I will probably remind you frequently in this article that you need to be clean. Your grill needs to be clean.

If you ask me, is grease production important?

When you cook, the fire, the oil, and the other chemicals in the grill pile up and create a mess, which you call grease.

Even though you are not a big fan of grease, you cannot help it.

Grease will rise. You shall throw it in the drip bucket.

But is there any way you can de-grease your grill? Of course.

Even if there is no permanent solution to it, what you can do is clean the excessive grease stain and prevent your grill from leaking grease.

Is your Pit Boss leaking grease? Not to worry.

We have solutions hidden in the bucket of treasures.

So, here are the essential steps you need to know:

Replace the grease drip bucket

Drip buckets are a useful material provided by Pit Boss with its pellet grill, which contains grease debris after every cooking session.

It is necessary to remove the bucket and replace it with a new one because if the grease drip bucket is full, the extra grease from the grill might fall off the bucket and hence, grease leakage.

Clean the barrel

Clean it up if your barrel has grease because it might cause a grease fire.

While cleaning the barrel, make sure the cleansing product you are using is made explicitly for grills so that it does not create any toxins that might affect the food.

Use a stable platform for the cooking

A stable surface lets your grill sit smoothly without moving to another position.

If the surface was rough or had humps, it could cause tilting.

Hence, the grease would leak from the sides.

Be a regular cleaner

To avoid your Pit Boss leaking grease, you need to be very hygienic.

Clean your grill and barrel after every 5 / 6 cooking sessions.

Here is extra information. If you want to avoid rust, you can use the Pit Boss Stainless Steel products.

These are the steps you’ll need to acknowledge to avoid grease leakage.

But if you ask me how you are going to clean the grill or what products you need to use, let me list it down as well:

1. Use either dishwater or boiling water anywhere you see a grease spot.

2. Scrub that place with a brush properly.

3. Rinse it with water.

4. Repeat the process till you see the grease is finally disappearing.

Things you can use to remove the grease:

  • Talcum powder
  • Detergent
  • Baking soda

Use these products on the stain, scrub it with a brush, and then rinse it with water.

These are the solutions you were looking for.

It is very easy to fix this grease leakage problem if you are careful enough.

All you have to do is not to be clumsy, keep your eyes wide open and clean the grill and the barrel frequently.

This is how you are going to avoid unnecessary grease leakage.

How To Keep Grease Bucket Clean on Pit Boss Pellet Grill?

Every time you use pellet grill, it collects grease. Over the period of time grease build up adversely affect function of your grill.

So, you need to keep your grease bucket clean.

There are several ways to keep the grease bucket clean on your pellet grill.

For cleaning drip grease bucket, you need a wooden or plastic scraper. As grease can be messy, so don’t se nylon brush.

By using a wooden or plastic scraper scrub out the grease.

Empty the bucket directly into the trash. Dot pour grease directly into the drain or gutter.

Make sure grease is cooled down before throwing it as it is flammable.

After dumping the grease, clean the grease bucket with this cleaner or soapy water.

Though the dirty grease bucket won’t affect the grill function, keeping it clean makes breeze in cleaning of next grilling session.

If your grease bucket is exposed to weather condition directly, make sure to remove after every use as rainwater leads to overflow the grease bucket.

Pro-tip: For ease in cleaning, use drip bucket liner or use aluminum foil.

With using the foil liner, you can just pull it out of the bucket and wipe down the bucket bucket with a paper towel, then re-line for next time.

Final Thoughts

I have listed all the necessary steps you would need to know for solutions if your Pit Boss has a grease leakage.

I have also listed down the causes behind your Pit Boss leaking grease.

Now all you have to do is be cautious with your grill, and on top of all, you need to keep it clean.

Since the grease monster is gone, you can stay stress-less and tension-free and start cooking on your favorite Pit Boss Pellet Grill.


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